Thursday, May 5, 2011

Homeschool Conference Time

The GHEA Homeschool Conference I think is the best, and for the past 9 years I haven't missed it! I look forward each May to traveling to Atlanta, spending the night and getting lots of goodies for the following school year. The vendors are always excellent and the speakers are always tops. This year is no exception!

Early in the year when I saw the date of the conference I wasn't to worried, you know thinking oh baby won't be here OR if baby is then Arthur and I'll just bring baby along! You see many times I have come to the conference pregnant, with a nursing baby, or one year with a broken foot. So, missing the conference wasn't something that I even thought about, until this past week end! I didn't feel well and was having lots of contractions, so I went in to see the midwife on Monday. There I was told I was dehydrated and I was dilated to 3cm! Not what I expected at all, really I thought I was going into labor. And for those wondering NO, I haven't ever had those symptoms and then gone into labor...but you know no 2 pregnancies are alike! Monday night Arthur made the final decision on if we could make it to the conference, he called and canceled our hotel reservations. Yes, I was a tad bit disappointed, but I too knew it was the right decision. I wasn't just sad that I was going to miss the wonderful speakers but my very favorite part of the conference, THE USED BOOK SALE!
Each year that has been such a blessing to us, not only can we buy others gently used books but we can sell items as well.

This is Ruth Ella last year at the conference, she was 7 months old. Next to her you can see a box of books and under that box is my roll cart which was full of books, all of those items were purchased at the used sale!

I went back to see my midwife yesterday and thankfully I'm still only dilated to 3cm. So, we are going to be brave tomorrow and drive on down to Atlanta just for the day. I'm beyond excited and praying baby just stays put...I think he/she will.


Cinnamon said...

You are *brave* sweet Laura. I will pray that little bundle stays safely tucked away for your day trip.

hugs~ Cinnamon

Lynda said...

Only those who have been know the allure of that book sale. Hope your day is productive in stocking your book shelves and baby waits until you return home to make an appearance.

Nicole said...

LOVE the homeschool conferences and used curriculum sales!! I will pray today that baby Munck stays snuggled up for another day or two at least :) Enjoy the conference!

Amanda said...

I'll pray for you that you have the best day possible. I love book sales as well. :)

Anonymous said...

It was so nice to finally meet you and Arthur at GHEA. Hope your whole day went well. I guess you made it home safely as you didn't have to make an emergency pit stop at our house. :) We'll look forward to hearing about baby's delivery. Hope to get our whole families together someday.



The Pauls' Family said...

Hope you're having (had) a great day! Thinking lots of you today :)

Beautifully Veiled said...

Can't wait to find out how it went!! So glad you got to go!

Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

We were so excited to be able to talk with you some yesterday. I pray you got some good rest last night before your busy day today! And after today our prayers change to "baby come on!"

Love you,

Mountain Mama said...

LOVE those "gently used" book sales. Hope you scored some good ones. Glad you got to spend a day at the conference.
Sounds like Baby Munck is anxious to meet all of his/her siblings. Praying for you!