Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mary Ann's Birth Story

May 8th, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day morning I woke to my kiddos, making a yummy breakfast. They even made me something special with my breakfast, my favorite a banana smoothie :) Since we had such a full day on Friday and Saturday, Arthur and the children allowed me to sleep in until 7:45AM. We ate breakfast and the children gave me some very sweet Mother's Day presents after breakfast. For Mother's Day we had another full day planned, we were going to meet with my mother's side of the family for a Mother's Day picnic. We were to meet at Harrison Bay by 11:00AM. I was slow moving that morning, yet, my sweet family were all ready for the picnic before breakfast. While they cleaned up the kitchen from breakfast and were getting all our picnic goodies ready I decided I needed to lay back down for just a few more minutes. Arthur came in our room a little before 10:00AM to tell me I might want to get up and get ready, because we needed to leave our house by 10:30AM to get there on time. I told him OK, but still just didn't feel myself so I sat a few more minutes. Then I had a very sharp pain and within a few moments realized my water had just broken! I looked at Arthur and said "my water broke, guess we won't be going to the picnic". From that moment on the house was a buzz with excitement! As for me I was off to shower, pack my bag, and get a Mother's Day picture with my then 10 children:) My contractions weren't coming regular like they had on Friday and Saturday, I began to slow my pace a bit. I didn't want to get to the hospital and then have to just sit and wait, so I sat and talked with Arthur and the big children. A little before 12:00 noon, I announced I believe it's time to leave for the hospital now.

We arrived at the hospital a little after noon, and I was checked in quickly...I was also told that I was 6-7 cm dilated. I was thrilled that meant not much further to go before baby arrived! At that time the nurses were also trying to track down my midwife, it wasn't her weekend to be on-call. I continued to say she'll be here, I know she's still at church. In no time the door opened and YAY, Linda my midwife was there...she had been at church. She told Arthur and I that when she woke up that morning she just knew that Baby Munck would arrive that day, as I have said the sweetest Mother's Day gift I have ever received!

At 3:08PM, Miss Mary Ann made her grand appearance into this world! Her delivery was very easy and the whole experience was wonderful.

Mary Ann was our biggest girl.

Mary Ann with her very proud Mama and Daddy!!!!!

This is my very sweet friend and midwife Linda, she is such a blessing to me...and my family!!!!

By 4:00PM the children arrived to welcome their new sibling. We didn't tell them what Baby Munck was until they arrived at the hospital. Then we introduced them to their new sibling and ask each one by what they saw what was the baby a boy or girls....only 3 children thought that Mary Ann was a girl! They were all very surprised and excited. Each child had some time to hold Mary Ann, you can see those pictures on the girls blog here and here.

Then it was on to take Mary Ann to the nursery to be properly cleaned up, we all followed along.

Mary Ann didn't seem bothered to much from the whole experience. The hospital was pretty quite on the maternity floor, there was only one other baby/mother there. The children left the hospital and I was taken on to my room, where the tired hit me! This tired wasn't the tired from giving birth, but a tired from all the go, go, go, we had done over the past few days. At this point Arthur saw how tired I was and wanted me to rest. We talked and decided something that we haven't ever done before, we decided to keep Mary Ann's birth low key. We called a few of the family and then ask for no visitors! This was hard to do because we were very torn. Part of us wanted to announce Mary Ann's birth to the world and have everyone come and see our precious gift. Then there was the part of us that knew I needed the rest and quite with our newest addition. That is just what we had quite and rest.

(Miss Mary Ann in her car seat upon arriving home)

Mary Ann and I were released to come home the next day 24 hours later. This was a big surprise I have always had to stay for 48 hours. I was thrilled to be back home with Arthur and all my children.


Laura said...

What a wonderful birth story!!! I just love it that Mary Ann was born on Mother's Day. :) You look beautiful in those hospital pictures...well, all the pictures, but especially the ones right after giving birth. :)

Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

How wonderful. I am glad that you did get to go home in just 24 hours. She is so adorable and you look fantastic to have just given birth!

Valerie said...

How wonderful! Your birth story is such a peaceful it! She is so cute, so precious. Enjoy your Mary Ann, she is a doll! :)

Amanda said...

So sweet. I'm so glad you shared with us.

Anonymous said...

Glad you were finally able to get some peace and quiet after that extremely busy and exciting weekend.
She is just so cute!!!


Cinnamon said...

Laura, Mary Ann's birth story sounded so peaceful and wonderful. How special. Thank you for sharing it with us here.

May I say how beautiful you look in the pictures. You look like a teenage having a baby. LOVE your glasses!

Mary Ann certainly is one special baby ♥

{Hugs} to you sweet friend. I hope you are resting well.


Beth said...

What a wonderful story - and glad you got some rest!! Visitors can come now that you are home and Mary Ann is getting acclimated to her new environment!!!!

Can't wait to watch her grow up as well!

Amy said...

Love the birth story!!! I really love the fact that you took the picture with your children after your water broke...that will be great to tell over and over again in the future to your children and grandchildren.

Theresa said...

Oh how I long to hold her and be closer to visit with you and the others. Thank you for sharing all of the photos. Love you!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Welcome to the world Mary Ann!!! She is darling!

JennyH said...

Awe, what a great day.

you look great! you look way too young to have 11 children and children as old as yours!

Mary Ann is so sweet and precious.

Michelle said...

Congrats on the birth of Mary Ann! How special that she arrived on Mother's Day! And in that picture of you with your then-10 kids you sure don't look like you are about to have a baby later on that day! Don't even look like you're 9 months! You looked amazing in the hospital too!