Sunday, May 15, 2011

Prelude to Mary Ann's Birth Story

Friday May 6th, Arthur and I left home at 6:00AM heading down to Atlanta for the day. I was feeling really good, and ready for a day of homeschool shopping and attending the conferences. We arrived to the convention center around 8:30AM. Upon entering the convention center we saw a few of our hometown friends that we haven't seen in awhile, so we took a few minutes and chatted. While talking a lady and her sweet family walked up to us, it was Vicky a blog reader/friend. She has been reading our blog, and we have emailed a few times but I had never met her. I knew she would be at the convention and we had hoped to get to meet in person and we did! It was so nice to now have a face to go with her name and to have been able to also meet her husband Greg and children. Arthur and I were so excited to see our sweet friends Emily and Jeremy, we were able to talk with them a few times. We have had the joy of fellowship with their family and hope to again soon. There are so many neat things about having a blog and the special people you meet through it.

Next we were on to the used book sale, and conferences. We very much enjoyed hearing Voddie Baucham, Kevin Swanson, and Ken Hamm. I don't believe you could ever go and listen to any of these men and not walk away enlightened and with added zeal for homeschooling, family, and most importantly Christ!

I was pleased with the used book sale, even though I moved slower around the sale than in years past. I found some really good deals and walked away with a buggy full. Here are a few finds from the used book sale....

A starter set of Math-U-See blocks, for only $10. We own the complete set, but thought having this set would come in handy. Often the boys take their math to the store and needed blocks, problem solved:)

OLD readers...Oh they are one of my weaknesses! I purchased each one for $1!

Here is a look inside one of the books, aren't the pictures cute?!

I found these 2 readers and I paid $2 a piece for them. This series is great, and we own 2 of the books already....they were Arthur's books from childhood.

The love the way the stories are written and the values they share.

I know some may not enjoy my love for old books, but as they always "one mans junk is another mans treasure"! Yep, these were just a few of my treasures, and all 5 books for under $10 :)

After the used book sale, lunch , and going to 3 of the conferences I was beginning to get tired. Arthur at that point suggested that we go and purchase our new school items. We bought things from Vision Forum, Math-U-See, Rod & Staff, Answers in Genesis, and a few other small places. After our stop in the curriculum hall Arthur said he felt we needed to head home, he could tell I was winding down pretty fast. We hit a little Atlanta traffic on our way out of town, and I was feeling a little fearful because I was having some hard contractions. I kept the contraction information to myself until we were in Calhoun an hour from our house, at that point I shared with Arthur my contractions were coming every 10 minutes! We arrived home at 9:00PM, and we were both worn out, but it was a good day....yet, our next thought was is Baby Munck coming tonight? We knew Saturday we had BIG plans and we were praying Baby Munck could hold out another day or 2!


The next day Saturday morning at 7:00AM our family all hoped in the van for a road trip, now we were headed for NASHVILLE, TN! We were on our way to the Bass Pro Shop at Opry Mills Mall to attend the awards ceremony for the Federal Junior Duck Stamp Program, which is put on by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Elizabeth has entered this contest for the past several years and placed honorable mention each year, but this year she was awarded 3rd place in her age group. We were all so thrilled for Elizabeth and being 11 days from my due date wasn't gong to keep me from attending....Nashville is 3 hours one way from our house.

Here are a few of the winners, the picture with the purple ribbon won best in show for the state.

Amanda and Elizabeth looking at all the artwork, before the ceremony began. On our daughter's BLOG you can go and see more pictures there.

Elizabeth receiving her ribbon and plaque. She won't be getting her picture back until February of 2012, it will go on tour and be displayed in multiple locations across our state. After the ceremony we looked around the Bass Pro Shop and then back in the van we went to head back home. We stopped off and ate lunch at Cracker Barrel, we pulled into our driveway around 4:30PM. Now it was time to unwind and rest:)

This was a wonderful day of celebration and family time, we were so happy we were able to attend the awards ceremony....and that other than some contractions Baby Munck stayed put another day!


Deb said...

Oh my! What a busy couple of days before the birth! I'm so glad though that you were able to do the things you wanted to do. were able to meet Vicky and her family. She's a commenter on our blog, too, and we were able to meet them back in March at a conference in NC. Very fun! Hope all is going well with adjusting to a new little one...but you have plenty of willing helpers, I'm sure! :)

Beautifully Veiled said...

I've been wondering what all led up to little Mary Ann's coming. I can't wait to read "the rest of the story!"
Love ya'll!

Lynda said...

WOW - -what excitement - - - THIRD Place! Praise God! And you know I am rejoicing with you about the deals at the homeschool fair!
But I didn't know you were having hard contractions while there!

Anonymous said...

We so enjoyed meeting you and Arthur too. Looks like we almost nearly got to meet the baby in person too. :)
I hope we can get together again sometime and get see this new little one and her big brothers and sisters too.
You got some wonderful bargains at the convention. We came home with dozens of books but now I'm trying to find a place to put them all!


Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

Oh it was such a blessing to get to spend some time with you, even in the middle of the convention. : ) I am so glad that you were able to get some many great finds. Maybe one day I'll brave the used book sale crowd. : ) Sounds like you got some great new resources as well. I can't wait to talk to you and see how you "do" your homeschooling with so many different resources and children. We are using MFW for Maggie for several reasons. One it's totally scripture based, a lot of hands on, and it doesn't require me to spend a lot of time preparing lessons or gathering materials.

Let me know what you are thinking about getting together. Weekday or weekend? We are going to get this date set. : )

Love you,

Mountain Mama said...

I have an extreme weakness for old books too. I love the Landmark and Readers from way back when. Great finds.

My sister and her family attend Kevin Swanson's church so they get his encouragement/teaching weekly.

I LOVE those one week pics of Mary Ann. So chubby! Love those rolls of fat.
ps thanks for your continued prayers for Brian. He is doing much better. We are pleased with his progress.