Friday, June 24, 2011

Beach Towel Winner....

Our Summer Giveaway Winner is.....

SARAH !!!!!!

Congratulations! Please, email us at munckfamily (at) att (dot) net, and let us know what name you would like monogrammed on the towel.

Thank you to all who stopped by to enter the giveaway, look for another one in the near future:) Hope each of you have a blessed weekend!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Giveaway

We are having a giveaway to celebrate our 700TH post and summer time!

Enter to win this beach towel and Coppertone sunscreen. You know if you get out in the sun you should always take precautions to not get sun burnt. So, sign up for the towel to take to the beach or pool, and don't forget the sunscreen:)

For a little bonus, we will personalize the towel by monogramming your name (or the name of your choice) on the beach towel if you win! Like the towel below...

The name can be monogrammed in the color of your choice
*Hot Pink

We want to again keep it simple, there aren't any rules! You can enter to win the giveaway up to 2 times, you will find the details below.

1 entry...
Just leave us a comment!

For a second entry:

Post the giveaway on your blog, and leave us a separate comment to tell us you did so. We will list this giveaway on our side bar.

Winner will be selected on FRIDAY, June 24TH, by

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Sweet Life

Floating in the pool, basking in the sun, and SLEEPING!!!!

Yep, that's the life of a 21 month old ;)
(Yes, Miss Ruth Ella was under adult supervision at the time)

When I started to write this post I noticed this is my 700Th post!!! So, as I was uploading the pictures I began to think------it's time for a giveaway! My 701 post will be a summer giveaway, check back tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Arthur's Birthday

JUNE 3......

Was Arthur's birthday!

We celebrated Arthur's birthday with a picnic themed party.....

With A-N-T-S out and about in full force......

The ants found the plate with the pecan logs!

I made the cake and Elizabeth made the Pecan Logs....pecan logs his all time favorite thing!

The children colored pictures of ants, picnics, and camping to decorate Daddy's presents.

We gave Arthur a pail filled with Orbit gum, another one of Arthur's favorite things!

The tree was covered in ants, which I'm sure were there to eat up all the S'mores!

Our birthday menu was....

*BBQ Chicken
*Hot Wings
*Celery w/blue cheese dressing
*Potato Salad
*Green Bean Casserole

S'more Pops, what picnic would be complete without S'mores ;) We all got our sugar fix that night!

June 3 is more than just Arthur's birthday, it also marks another year cancer FREE!!!! June 3 was the last day of Arthur's chemo therapy treatments, making it now 7 years!!!! We have much to be thankful for, we give the Lord all the praise!

Present time!!! Arthur received a new camping chair which he is sitting in and.......

A Mountain Man Grill, Time to Camp & Cook!!!!!!

Arthur and the children wanted to break in Arthur's new grill, and what better way than a camping trip?!? Packing up and taking off to go camping in the summer isn't an option for us with the business that we have. In the summer we are very busy with caring for peoples sweet pooches so they can vacation. But when there is a will there is a way to camp...we do it in our backyard! Everyone camped out with the exception of Mary Ann and I.... this was Ruth Ella's first time to camp and she loved it! The next morning Arthur cooked eggs, bacon, sausage, and pancakes on the grill, they were yummy!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bedroom face lift....

Blog Catch Up: PART 7

Before Mary Ann was born, we decided to give our bedroom a much needed face lift! I was somewhat in a nesting mode, but Arthur and I had been talking for a very long time about working on our room.

The last time our bedroom was painted was when I was pregnant with Madison 14 years ago. Arthur put up chair rail, painted the top part of the room white and put up wall paper on the bottom half of the wall...14 years ago! The first 5 years this room was for our littles, the past 9 years it has been our bedroom...with no change other than bedding.


Our room is the smallest room in the house......

Most people wouldn't want the smallest room....

But we "love" this room and find it "very" comfy!!!!

Arthur got busy with paint, and then replaced our ceiling fan! Within a few days we had a nice new clean room to bring Baby home to.


I wish the ceiling fan showed better, it goes with our furniture so well. Our old ceiling fan was put up when we moved into our house almost 19 years ago and was white and looked more like a children's fan. We bought a goose comforter and caramel/khaki color duvet. At the fabric store I found some drapery fabric on the remnant table for $4, then sweet Rebekah made us a new valance all for less than $6.00!

The walls are painted a colonial blue, Arthur and I are enjoying the color and the change.

This chair is a wonderful spot to rock and nurse precious Mary Ann. We now have Mary Ann's crib in our room, and it sits right in front of our closet. If I had to sum up our room in one word it would be C-O-Z-Y!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Jonathan and Arthur are attending bike camp all week!!! The camp is called "Lose The Training Wheels"! In October at the Buddy Walk we were introduced to this camp, and placed on their camp list. Here is the camp mission.....

The mission of Lose The Training Wheels™ is to teach individuals with disabilities to ride a conventional two wheel bicycle and become lifelong independent riders. This achievement, in turn, creates a gateway of opportunity, helping them gain assurance and self-reliance in many other aspects of their lives.

We are very excited about the possibility that by Friday Jonathan may be able to ride a bike alongside his brothers:) As in all things in Jonathan's life he has either been delayed or not able at all to accomplish a few things. A couple of years ago he learned to swim, last year he learned to swing himself on the swing set, and we are praying this year he'll learn to ride a bike! I'll have pictures to post of camp by the end of the week.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Play Yard

Blog Catch Up: PART 6

Months ago Madison started a deck project on the play fort to expand it. I posted the start of the project HERE. Madison worked very hard and finished the project the week before Mary Ann was born. His brothers and Ruth Ella are really having a ball with the new deck and added space to play...oh the imagination and adventures they are having :)

The deck was finished first, and then Madison added the railing for much needed safety. You can see some of the wood is new and some is old. The old wood was from some old fencing that was given to us. Madison took the old fence and disassembled it by removing all the old nails, he then cut the wood down to make the slates. It's wonderful to be given things like this wood, and recycle it and create something new out of it.

Madison then put a new tarp to shade part of the fort, he bought a few tiki torches as accents, and then hung a couple of lanterns.

To finish off the fort/ship (it all depends on what their playing that day) Madison hung an anchor off the side next to the slide.

Attached on the opposite end of the deck/fort is this little house. It has been many things over the years a pool house, a girls club house, and now it's been lifted off the ground onto beams making it a boys fort! Madison and the older 2 boys enjoy camping out in there, sometime I'll have Madison take pictures to show how they have painted and decorated it.

Here is something I thought some of you might like, this is our new outside sink. And I love it!!!

Arthur began a few months ago looking for an outside sink that the boys could,well you know wash boy hands in before entering the house. After much searching and reviewing Arthur found this one from AMAZON called the Sync-It at a very reasonable price.

We leave soap there for sand, mud, and just plain old dirty fingers to wash up. Arthur also bought a camping water hose for the sink, that way when a little boy wants to have a drink it's a safe hose:)

As you can see it just drains right out the bottom, so no mess! Really as a Mama of 6 boys and a busy husband, I highly recommend this sink it gets 5***** from me!