Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Arthur's Birthday

JUNE 3......

Was Arthur's birthday!

We celebrated Arthur's birthday with a picnic themed party.....

With A-N-T-S out and about in full force......

The ants found the plate with the pecan logs!

I made the cake and Elizabeth made the Pecan Logs....pecan logs his all time favorite thing!

The children colored pictures of ants, picnics, and camping to decorate Daddy's presents.

We gave Arthur a pail filled with Orbit gum, another one of Arthur's favorite things!

The tree was covered in ants, which I'm sure were there to eat up all the S'mores!

Our birthday menu was....

*BBQ Chicken
*Hot Wings
*Celery w/blue cheese dressing
*Potato Salad
*Green Bean Casserole

S'more Pops, what picnic would be complete without S'mores ;) We all got our sugar fix that night!

June 3 is more than just Arthur's birthday, it also marks another year cancer FREE!!!! June 3 was the last day of Arthur's chemo therapy treatments, making it now 7 years!!!! We have much to be thankful for, we give the Lord all the praise!

Present time!!! Arthur received a new camping chair which he is sitting in and.......

A Mountain Man Grill, Time to Camp & Cook!!!!!!

Arthur and the children wanted to break in Arthur's new grill, and what better way than a camping trip?!? Packing up and taking off to go camping in the summer isn't an option for us with the business that we have. In the summer we are very busy with caring for peoples sweet pooches so they can vacation. But when there is a will there is a way to camp...we do it in our backyard! Everyone camped out with the exception of Mary Ann and I.... this was Ruth Ella's first time to camp and she loved it! The next morning Arthur cooked eggs, bacon, sausage, and pancakes on the grill, they were yummy!


Laura said...

Happy Birthday to Arthur! Praise God for another cancer-free year!!! Your cakes and birthday parties are always so amazing. :)

Lea White said...

What a cool cake and theme :-). Do you keep your Christmas Tree up all the time?

Deb said...

Laura, what a wonderful birthday celebration! And what a praise that your husband is cancer-free another year! All your children will really know how to decorate and celebrate all their own children's birthdays! What a special heritage to pass on. I love all your ant themed ideas! :)

Michelle said...

happy birthday do Arthur and thanking God for another cancer-free year!

Cinnamon said...

How fun to camp out in the back yard. Which I'm sure is just as wonderful as being away. What a quiet home you must have had that night...just you and Mary Ann inside :-)

I wrote your a letter. It's sitting on my hutch. I forgot to mail it today so it will go out tomorrow :-)

Happy Birthday and Happy Cancer Free day to your hubby!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Arthur. What a cute theme party. I'm glad to hear the cancer has stayed away. I'm sure he's enjoying his best present this year - his new little daughter.


Amy said...

Happy Birthday Daddy Munck!!!

Your parties are always so GRAND:) I love it!!! The cake was so cute. I think you need to post the recipe for the pecan logs;)

BTW, did you ever send me that email? If so, I never got it. Just checking.

The Kautts said...

Our church did a picnic party theme for Dad's 20 years (this past March). :) Funny! We had huge metal ants too!


Emily Fay said...

I just came across your blog today! I am so glad! What a wonderful blog! It looks like it was a fun birthday! Have a blessed weekend!

Lynda said...

We praise with your for his cancer-free reports! Many of us hurt to see him have to endure the treatments. He is a wonderful Christian man and all who know him are blessed.
About the Smores on a stick. How did you make them? Dip a marshmallow in chocolate and then roll them in Graham cracker crumbs? But how do you keep the marshmallow from melting in melted chocolate?. Your menu sounded scrumptious - - - except for the bleu cheese.

JennyH said...

Your family so cool! I love the cake.. so neat and creative. Happy late birthday to your wonderful husband.

Theresa said...

I missed Arthur's birthday. Tell him that I am sorry but I know that it was a great one. I love your theme birthdays. I would have fizzled years ago! What a great memory and tradition for the children to continue.