Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Play Yard

Blog Catch Up: PART 6

Months ago Madison started a deck project on the play fort to expand it. I posted the start of the project HERE. Madison worked very hard and finished the project the week before Mary Ann was born. His brothers and Ruth Ella are really having a ball with the new deck and added space to play...oh the imagination and adventures they are having :)

The deck was finished first, and then Madison added the railing for much needed safety. You can see some of the wood is new and some is old. The old wood was from some old fencing that was given to us. Madison took the old fence and disassembled it by removing all the old nails, he then cut the wood down to make the slates. It's wonderful to be given things like this wood, and recycle it and create something new out of it.

Madison then put a new tarp to shade part of the fort, he bought a few tiki torches as accents, and then hung a couple of lanterns.

To finish off the fort/ship (it all depends on what their playing that day) Madison hung an anchor off the side next to the slide.

Attached on the opposite end of the deck/fort is this little house. It has been many things over the years a pool house, a girls club house, and now it's been lifted off the ground onto beams making it a boys fort! Madison and the older 2 boys enjoy camping out in there, sometime I'll have Madison take pictures to show how they have painted and decorated it.

Here is something I thought some of you might like, this is our new outside sink. And I love it!!!

Arthur began a few months ago looking for an outside sink that the boys could,well you know wash boy hands in before entering the house. After much searching and reviewing Arthur found this one from AMAZON called the Sync-It at a very reasonable price.

We leave soap there for sand, mud, and just plain old dirty fingers to wash up. Arthur also bought a camping water hose for the sink, that way when a little boy wants to have a drink it's a safe hose:)

As you can see it just drains right out the bottom, so no mess! Really as a Mama of 6 boys and a busy husband, I highly recommend this sink it gets 5***** from me!


Laura said...

Madison did a great job!! I love that outdoor sink! We may have to look into that after we move. :)

Lynda said...

Madison is extremely talented with hammer, nails, and a saw! I am very impressed. We will be able to hire him in a few years for home repair.
LOVE the sink. I went to the Amazon link and it is extremely reasonably priced. Thanks for that great tip. My grandmother always made my brothers and the other men on the farm clean up outside or in the basement sink before coming inside. The kitchen and bathroom sinks were for inside dirt only.

Sunny said...

You amaze me! How you find time to do all the things you do, have a newborn baby, and still blog about it all is beyond me. I'm pretty sure you must be supermom!
Anyways, I'm really behind, but just wanted to say congratulations on the arrival of beautiful Mary Ann!

Amanda said...

I love the fort and the sink. Yardwork is so tiring, but also so much more rewarding. ;)

Amy said...

Your son did a fantastic job with a the fort. I LOVE the sink!!! We want a water drinking fountain for the outside. Could this work for that? We wished that we would have thought of it while we were building the shop. Then, we would have gotten one installed during the process. There's always something you forget when your least with us:)

Cinnamon said...

I love that fort/play area!! Great job on that!!!

I had to your first glance I thought it was a.....toilet :-)

I do like it as a sink much better~ hee hee


mommyx12 said...

That is awesome. My kids would love to have something like that!! Thankfully they enjoy the outdoors anyway. Their favorite is to jump on the trampoline while being sprayed with the garden hose. Which is what they are doing right now.

Mary Ann is sure growing big. I love the picture of her in the post below.