Saturday, August 27, 2011

Amanda is 18!!!

AUGUST 19th.....


Amanda's party theme was OWLS!

Amanda is our animal lover, and right now she is really into owls!

Since owls are so popular decorating for her party wasn't difficult :)

Amanda ask to please have a cake or cup cakes, no cookies....

I baked her cup cakes, Elizabeth and Rebekah made the icing and flowers and decorated them.

Along with the owls, we added in flowers something else Amanda loves.

Coming up with a birthday menu wasn't easy. It seemed for the past 2 months whatever we were eating Amanda would say "We could have this for my birthday meal". She is very easy to please, yet, we knew her favorite thing is Mexican. But we hesitated to make Mexican because that is what we had last year. So the day before her birthday Elizabeth and I had decided we would again go with Mexican but a different main dish. Well, that night Amanda came into the living room and told us of something she had been craving. The next day Arthur and I went to the grocery store and picked up the items of her craving .....

Birthday Menu
* Toasted Sub Sandwiches (what she was craving)
* Queso Dip and Tortilla Chips (this had been on our original menu)
* Potato Salad
* Homemade Pickles

This was an extremely easy birthday meal, and she was so thrilled when she saw what we were having.

The little boys helped in making place cards for the table.

The blue owl on the gift table was our inspiration for the party. Amanda had had her eye on him at Hobby Lobby at the beginning of the year in February, she saw him while we were shopping for Rebekah's birthday party. A few rows over Elizabeth quietly looked at me and said "I just came up with Amanda's birthday theme Owls"! So, we had Amanda's birthday theme planned for the last 6 months, we purchased this owl in February the week after Rebekah's birthday:) As you can see we all love giving a birthday party, it's truly become a family affair!

18 years has come and gone it seems at lightspeed....

We are abundantly blessed to have Amanda as our daughter.

Jonathan colored a special picture for Amanda...

It was present time, Ruth Ella helped Amanda hold her box lid ;)

Make a wish....

Happy 18th Birthday Amanda!!!!!

Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven...
Matthew: 5:12

We love you, Amanda! We pray that your days ahead be filled with joy, love, and knowledge in the Word. That your life be a shining light for the Lord!


Amanda said...

I also love owls. I have enjoyed them ever since I got part of my grandmother's collection of owls after she passed away. Looks like you all had a great time.

Lynda said...

My two favorite Amanda's' on the same blog! Praise God I get to be part of both of your lives. Praying another great year for the 18 year old Amanda. Once again, thanks for letting us be part of your celebration!

Kelly said...

You ARE abundantly blessed !!!! Happy Birthday Amanda.... it was soooo wonderful to see you. You are a beautiful, kind, amazing young woman. Thank you for your example and for your heart. We love you.

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Amanda. What a blessing God gave when He put you in this family. May God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Amanda. Our eldest daughter celebrated her 18th this week too. She chose to have a small party at a local tea room. Those childhood years sure fly by fast.
Loved your owl theme!



Beth said...

Happy Birthday, Amanda!!!

The Kautts said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sorry it's late!

Jo <3

Proverbs 16:3

Mountain Mama said...

Wow! 18! Happy Birthday Amanda!!!!!!
Beautiful cupcakes and sounds like a very yummy dinner.

Cinnamon said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Amanda! I love your birthday ideas. They always amaze me and encourage me to do better at being creative~

That picture of Ruth Ella with the box on her head made me laugh :-)


Laura Lee said...

Happy Birthday, Amanda! You are so beautiful, and I hope to see you SOON!


Laura Lee

Amy said...

Happy Belated Birthday Amanda!!!

Munck parties look so much fun. There is so much love put into each one. The cupcake with little flowers turned out so cute!!! Nice job, indeed:)