Monday, August 15, 2011

A love of books...


Our family loves to read,
and I'm not sure how old Miss Ruth Ella was when we
first began reading to her.
I just know it was early, before she could sit up.
And so her love of books and reading began before she could even talk.

Miss Ruth Ella
June 2010
As soon as Miss Ruth Ella could crawl
she began to crawl to this basket.
She would pull up to the basket find a book
and then sit gazing at the colored pictures.

This basket of books could keep her occupied for a good hour!

September 2010

Miss Ruth Ella had just turned 1 year old,
and now she had mastered climbing into the book basket.

Once in the basket she would shop around to find her favorite books,
all the while tossing aside the ones that didn't appeal to her.
She would remain perched in the basket until
she had found the perfect book for someone to read.

August 2011
23 months old


Miss Ruth Ella is such a big girls now,
yet, she still loves the perfect book!
Daily we find her in this over sized chair
looking at books and talking about the pictures.
If, she catches a glimpse of you watching her,
then you will instantly be summonsed
(in an oh so sweet voice, that melts your heart)
to read to her.

This is what she will say...
"Read Mama Read, dis' book"

I'll have to say reading to my children is a pure joy:)


Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

I see 'Lucky Day' in one of those pictures. It's one of my girls all time favorite books. : ) What a sweet timeline of Ruth Ella!

Teena said...

What a great love of learning you have put in her!


Love the pics.

You have encouraged me today.., to read more to them. My JD is still in Maine and the tv has been OFF more than on... more talks and laughs and discussions... more reading time together!


Teena said...

Ooops meant to say my dh not JD crazy spell check!

Anonymous said...

I read aloud to my children everyday and love it. I have to agree that it is "pure joy."
What cute photos of Ruth Ella.


Amanda said...

I share her same love of reading. It's so sweet. I hope to be able to sit and read to my children one day.

Lynda said...

She's my kind of girl! You have instilled a great love in her early. We did the same thing. A love of reading can guarantee success for them later in life in any area.

Theresa said...

I don't get here as often as I wish but when I do, my heart always just melts. I wish we could find time to get together, but this will have to do for now. Love you!