Thursday, August 4, 2011


Late Friday afternoon we left
Arizona and started to head East
on I 40.
We stopped in Holbrook, Arizona for the night.

On this trip we traveled
on I 40 for over 1,000 miles.....

There were so many sites to see,
yet no real time to stop at them all....

So, we took in a few things,
and wrote down lots of places we would want
to come back to see on another trip.

Another state
and different landscape....

We stopped for the night in
Tucumcari, NM....


The next morning we were
back on the road....

we seemed to pass through it quickly!

We covered lots of miles on Sunday.
Sorry this picture isn't good, I accidentally hit
the setting button on top of the camera...which resulted
in about 20 poor quality pictures :(

Oklahoma City,
boy we hit some major traffic there!

3 states in 1 day!!!
We stayed the night in Fort Smith.

On the road again by 7:30 AM,
for the last leg of this trip!

1:15 PM
Our home state!!!!!

The Rock City bird house,
a very familiar sight!
This meant we were very close to home!

The sun was about to set on this Monday evening,
and we were just 45 minutes from home!

This was truly a whirl wind trip that started out early Friday morning
and ended late Monday evening.

More details to come....


Lynda said...

That makes me tired to think about that much traveling in such a short time. It also makes my arthritis ache a bit to sit that long!

Shelby said...

wow! that was a whirl wind trip! NM and TX are beautiful states. (though bone dry with no rain right now)

Sharon said...

Isn't the West amazing? We have traveled those roads so many times. We haven't been able to stop at all the places we would want to either. If you "got through Texas quickly" you had to be in the panhandle??? When we crossed Texas on I10, it took us more than 2 days. (:
The beauty God has given in America always amazes me. If you need another scope of His beauty come to the subtropics for a visit!

Neva 'Dele said...

Yay! for Rock City bird houses!! :) I abosolutely adore family road trips... I bet you had a fabulous time!