Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Beans Canned ✓


mommyx12 said...

Wonderful. And I am still after all these years of canning, freezing, and drying trying to wrap my head around the pressure canner! I still live in fear of it.

silly me

Mountain Mama said...

Yay! And Yum all year long!

Christine @ Live to Learn said...

Those look great! I've been busy canning jelly and jams and freezing fruit for our smoothies. I feel confident enough to use the regular canner not a pressure canner yet. :)
We found out we're having a little boy this time around. :) I was wondering if you could mail me the newborn cloth diapers? I don't need the pink one back this time. ;) you can email me at theposycollection @ yahoo. com and I'll give you our address.
Thank you. I hope you got some good use out of them for both of the girls. I cant wait to put some cloth on a newborn again! It is so much more fun than on a busy toddler. :)

Lynda said...

I know that lots of people prefer canned green beans. Do you still freeze some stuff, too?