Monday, September 12, 2011

A checkup ....

Today these sweet girls had a checkup at the doctors office today. Miss Ruth Ella was there for her 2 year old check and Miss Mary Ann for her 4 month check.

Ruth Ella was 25 pounds, and 35 inches tall. For weight she is in the 50% and for height she is in the 75%.

Mary Ann is 14.3 pounds, and she is 25 inches long. Her weight and height both fell in the 50%....making her what we call square ;)

We are so very blessed to have 2 happy healthy little girls!
And I'm loving blogging from my phone, this is great!


Theresa said...

I am so glad the children are healthy. They are getting big too quickly. I think I have been saying that for years.

How are you doing with the flooding? Did you home get damaged also?

Thinking about all of the Muncks.
I Love you, Theresa

Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

THey are so cute! I'm loving you blogging from your phone too. : )

Lynda said...

Was that mural in the dr's office? It's very cute. I praise God with you for their healthiness!