Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sugar Overload!!!!!

During the Christmas
and the New Years
holidays our family partook of some delectable sweets!

In doing so, we had a sugar high for days!!!!

All the sweets were yummy!!!
But reality set in right before January 1st,
our bodies were calling for healthy eating....
with WAY less sugar!

Our start back to healthy eating has begun
and I believe our bodies are all feeling a
sigh**of relief.
The healthy eating is here....
lots if fresh fruits and veggies,
along with beans and whole grains!
I'm sure our bodies will be thanking us;)


Cinnamon said...

Laura~ would you be so sweet as to share a little menu here with us all? I'd love to see it :-)

All your sweets looked WONDERFUL!


Teena said...

Yes, what Cinammon said.... menu/recipes!

What kind of cake is that?

Also the 3rd pic down?

It all looks beautiful!


mommyx12 said...

I agree. Recipes would be great. I need to wreck my diet up a bit anyway!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, do all those treats look so good. Looks like you had a very 'sweet' Christmas.


Theresa said...

I like blogs with lots of yours! (I love sugar too).

Christine @ Live to Learn said...

I know what you mean. I've been back at making green smoothies and fruit smoothies several times a day. The kids had more than enough sweets over the holidays too.