Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jonathan's 13th Birthday ....

Jonathan's birthday is my last birthday post to catch up on from 2011, I'm 4 months late...sigh~ I knew I needed to get this done since Saturday will start our first birthday for 2012.

OCTOBER 9, 2011

Jonathan's birthday theme was based on his 2 favorite things....
His Magna Doodle and Silly Bands
Jonathan can often be found in our...or I should say "his" green chair tracing his Silly Bands on his Magna Doodle.

Silly Band/Magna Doodle Tree

13...hard to believe Jonathan is NOW a teenager...or as we say young adult!

Smarties...they have been Jonathan's favorite candy since he was tiny. They have been his inspiration and motivation to accomplish and complete specific skills....and at 13 it still works;)

Jonathan with his place card from the table. Elizabeth made them, on the inside each one contained a scripture...we all read our verse aloud after dinner.

The Menu:

*BBQ Sandwiches
*Baked Beans
*BBQ Chips

For dessert we had peanut butter brownies........

Along with ice cream sundaes......

Which made for some very happy children:)

Jonathan absolutely loves birthday parties, he gets so excited when we have one or attend one. But when it is his birthday he truly beams with joy the entire day!

It's easy to celebrate Jonathan, it seems we could celebrate him each and every day! He is a miracle and gift to our family in a way that words cannot describe!

We love you, Johnny!!!!!


Cinnamon said...

I love your birthday celebrations. Happy Birthday Jonathan!! What a special day :-)


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday to Jonathan. We have some silly band lovers in our house too, but I have to admit I don't like the way I keep finding them all over the house and in the strangest places. :)
Looks like Jonathan had a wonderful day.



Humble wife said...

I agree with Cinnamon, I love your birthday celebrations. Each person knows how much they are valued in the special day.

Happy Birthday to a handsome young man!


Nikki said...

Your birthday parties always look like so much fun.Such a nice way to make the birthday girl or boy feel special.:)Happy late birthday Jonathan!!!You look so happy to be 13!!!

1HappyWife said...

I love reading about your birthdays too! I have Ruth Ella's saved for birthday ideas coming this fall :).
Jonathan's picture in front of the 13 is just precious. Happy 13 years and 4 months!!!

Theresa said...

Happy Birthday J-man!

Amy said...

Happy "Late" birthday Jonathan!!! You can see how happy he is through that precious smile. He definitely looks more grown up.

Nicole said...

Happy Birtday (late) :) Handsome guy! Looks like a FUN party!!!! And I agree, your celebrations are beautiful, thoughtful, well designed and decorated! I love seeing all of the kids birthdays!