Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A journey to salvation....

Paid the ultimate price so we may experience
freedom and the sweetness of salvation!

Our daughter Amanda
took a bit of a journey before she came to know the Lord
in a personal way....

Amanda shared the story of her journey,
you can


to read it!

We are so happy for Amanda,
that now she knows the Lord as her Savior.


Rebecca R. said...

Thanks for sharing! I shared a brief synopsis of my similar salvation testimony in the comments section on their blog, except I was an almost 36 year old mom to our then 7 children, and expecting our second set of twins for number 8 and 9 that joined our family the next spring. Thank the Lord that Amanda asked the Lord into her heart earlier than I! The Lord is good! I am so thankful that He kept working on me until I got rid of my pride to ask him to save my soul.

Nicole said...

For some reason I cannot comment on the girls' blog, but that was beautiful. I cried as well!!! Thank you Amanda for sharing that, I am so proud of you!

Faith Family said...

I know we already told you how excited we were for Amanda, but wanted to share again, and say how proud and excited we are for Amanda now being a sister in Christ. We love you all!
Always Experiencing Him,