Thursday, February 2, 2012

Our CanadaTrip

OK, visiting The Pauls in Canada is "never" like going to visit with friends.....
After our first visit to their home back in 2009, they "fast" became family! We feel like one BIG family and when there it's as if we're at our second home!

4 parents
23 children

(1 baby baking in the tummy, due to arrive March 2012)
1 daughter in law
(1 son in law to join on March 3,2012)
2 grandchildren

That brings the total right now of Munck/Pauls to 30...and counting!!!

So, the days are always full when we are visiting from games, fun, and laughter......
To sharing of hearts and talks of the Lord.....
The fellowship is sweet and never long enough!

Amanda & Mary Ann

Brooke & Jaden

Jaden getting to know Mary Ann...their now buddies;)

William, Mikaya, & Brooke...there was always a puzzle being worked on!


Ruth Ella...she loved the boots, gloves, and coat...she is an accessory girl! Just not sure this little Tennessee girl understood that really cold wind :)

Little people talk...

King of the bale...oh so much fun when played in a "large" group in the snow!
I'm pretty sure Rebekah and Kerri won....better luck next time boys;)

The outside crew

Snow sled fun, made even better by a 4 wheeler! Thanks Josh for all the pulling and slinging of sled riders, they said they had a blast!!!

Rebekah & Kerri

Best of buddies, who happen to also share the same birthday...February 11, 1995! How cool is that to have a friend with the same exact birthday!

Jen & Elizabeth

The oldest daughters,great pen pals, and a milking team!

Amanda & Megan... encourager and confidants

These were just a few pictures from our trip, thanks to Amanda and Megan who took most of the pictures. It seems each time we are together we take fewer pictures due to the fact we get so busy having fun and soaking in the fellowship time:)

Thanks again Pauls for another memorable trip to Canada!


mommyx12 said...

What a fabulous time for all. So happy you were able to do it!

Cindy said...

Looks like you had a great time. What great memories!

Nikki said...

What fun although it looked cold out there.:)

Cinnamon said...

It looks like a perfectly wonderful time. I love all that snow!

The Lord is good to bring families together :-)


Cinnamon said...

It looks like a perfectly wonderful time. I love all that snow!

The Lord is good to bring families together :-)


Faith Family said...

WOW! What fun in the snow! Wish we could have at least 1 here in TN, but at least you got to enjoy it for the rest of us! What fun with all the children! What a blessing!!!
Always Experiencing Him,

Amy said...

Looks like lots of fun and friendship!!! That's exciting that they are expecting another little one very soon.