Friday, February 3, 2012

School House Friends

Last Thursday as we traveled out of Canada and passed over the border, Arthur had our next stop already planned. We were going to be traveling just a few miles up the road to visit with the Bennett Family, who bought and live in an old school! The children and I were, well, a little nervous about this drop in visit...because we only knew Mr. Bennett from our last trip to Canada.

Mr. Bennett is a US border patrol officer, and we met him while crossing the border. He was super nice and chatted with us about his large family...10 children! He said if we were ever back his way to stop by his home that was just up the road, the old school house! Well, Arthur really enjoyed chatting with Mr. Bennett and he never forgot the invitation to drop by :) So, when we crossed the border we found out that Mr. Bennett
was off work that morning....I could see Arthur got excited, that meant we were going for a visit!

Now imagine a RV with 13 people pulling in your driveway for an unexpected visit...yep, that's what the Bennett Family got 13 unexpected visitors! But let me tell you, they welcomed us in as
if they had been planning for months for our arrival! Mr. and Mrs. Bennett along with their 3 children who are still at home, made us feel more than welcome! Mr. Bennett remembered Arthur and us coming through the border...long ago. He showed us around their very neat school home, which had many bedrooms, sitting areas, a cool, hug kitchen and living area. They also had chickens, a sweet chocolate lab named Bella, and a beautiful horse. We were so blessed by hearing of how they came to purchase their school, how Mr. Bennett came into his line of work....but what was extra neat was hearing about their family and seeing when Mrs. Bennett spoke of her children that the look in her eyes spoke more than the words that she shared of each child. They have 2 children who the Lord has already called home, and several children married, with grand babies now living in other areas of the world...doing as the Lord has called them. They still have the 3 youngest at home Isaac, Elsie, and Emily. Our children had much in common with the Bennett children. They shared with us about a hobby they really enjoy, something we had never heard of Geocaching. It's sounds like great fun looking for treasure, if you aren't familiar with it go to the link and check it out. While visiting Mr. Bennett showed the boys to a room filled with Lego's....I'm sure they could have stayed for days, and the little girls enjoyed playing with baby toys. The time spent with the Bennett family went by all to quickly, but now we can keep in contact through email and Skype. Isn't God amazing how He can bring people together, in some unexpected places...the United States/Canadian border!

I must say publicly for the record...stopping by to visit people we don't know and unannounced, is WAY out of my comfort zone!!! Like WAY WAY out!!!! This is an Arthur thing...opposites do attract! Once again I have to "thank" my sweet husband for prodding me to get out of the realm of comfort zone. He was right in stopping, because the visit was a blessing to our whole family. And had we remained in "my' area of comfort we would have missed out on meeting a very special family. Glad Arthur is the head of the family and not you honey!


mommyx12 said...

Well it sounds like a fantastic time. I love visiting new people and my husband is the opposite. He would rather not! Did I ever mention that our eldest son is also a US Border Patrol Agent? He loves his job especially now that he is doing rescue work!

Cinnamon said...

John has always joked that we should buy a school house! How fun that you know someone who lives in one. Too fun!

Geocaching....John actually has taken the kids out to do this. They loved it. It's amazing how they found their markers out in the trees and with only a map/compass. We didn't have GPS :-)


Deb said...

Hi Laura ~ I enjoyed this post because it's right up my alley! I love visiting new people like that...but my husband is more like you. He's toned me down some, and I've caused him to branch out more. A good team! It looks like you and your husband are the same! So glad that you had a fun time with new friends.

Sharon said...

Geocaching is tons of fun... so many new places to see while you find the spot. Glad you were introduced. :)

Sammy and Missy Parris said...

Would love to see a home like this I've heard about people turning these old schools into homes. I think I saw some kind of special on it many years ago. Very interesting!!! We are so glad we got to at least see you all for a minute last night at the singing. We would love to have you all visit if you have a free Friday night. Talk to you soon!!!

Amanda said...

Sounds like a neat visit. Cool house for a large family to have. :)

Faith Family said...

Glad you had a wonderful visit. Both of us are not very adventerous, so I'm glad you followed your darling Husband. How fun it would be to go out of the states. How blessed you are and thank you for blessing us with your adventures!
Always Experiencing Him,

Amy said...

This would definitely be out our comfort zone especially my husband's! He was an only child and grandchild;) It sounds like a lot of fun. I would have loved to see a picture of their school house. That would have been neat. My boys would have loved the room full of Legos!!!