Sunday, February 26, 2012

Visiting a Pen Pal....

Before our RV trip last month to Canada, we had a lot to consider........

We had to think about....

*Miles/Distance traveling in a day
*How many nights to stop
*And where to stop, traveling up north in winter months can be tricky because there
aren't many campgrounds open.

Arthur and I sat several nights plotting our routes and studying our large map...which is marked with many friends who are scattered all over the map. Our hope is to over time be able to drop by and visit friends as we travel their direction. Not knowing what the weather would be like or where we might find a campground open along the way to Canada we decided against any extra stops along the way. We were all a little disappointed we couldn't manage a visit to at least one friend, we were glad that we hadn't called ahead to tell anyone we might be coming. Nevertheless we had mapped out several stops to friends and looked at what routes we could have taken.

On Friday night we set out for our dear friends in Canada, we drove through the night. By the next afternoon we had made it from Tennessee all the way to Sioux Fall, SD and it was time to stop, eat, clean up and rest....we were so thankful to find this campground open. As we left the campground the next day I emailed my pen pal and said we aren't far from her house, and I was thinking of her. It was just neat to know we were close...Arthur had said many times over the past year "if I can I'll take you to visit your Pen Pal when we are that direction" It just didn't look like this time it would work.

On our return trip home we drove to the same campground in Sioux Fall the first night. We had made much better time that day than we had expected and Arthur said "I think we could go see your Pen Pal!" OK, I was so excited! I contacted her and told her where we were and what time we 'might' get to her house. She said that would be great and come on....then there were several more emails because our timing was a bit off! But it all worked out beautifully!

This is CINNAMON, my Pen Pal! This was the first time we had ever met face to face...don't you just the blog world?! I'm not sure how long Cinnamon and I have been Pen Pals, I'm thinking a little over 2 years. Anyway, we mainly communicate by snail mail, and only once in a great while email. We have lots in common, our first connection was we both love to write letters ....with pretty paper and colorful fine point pens ;)

Arthur & I---Cinnamon & John

Our husbands are wonderful......I say wonderful for numerous reasons!!! On this day because my sweet husband took his wife many miles to met, fellowship, and break bread with a her friend...something that I didn't truly expect on this trip! And John was as sweet as can be because he walked in the door from work Cinnamon told him of our visit and that we would be there in 15 minutes! He got cleaned up fast to meet some folks from Tennessee he didn't know other than from talk and our Christmas card:) Arthur and John thank you both for loving your wives so much...I think I can speak for both Cinnamon and myself in saying "your to good to us!"

Oh, and one can't forget....we have 21 children between the 2 of us! That night only 19 of them were present. What a memorable fun time we had, thank you for the hospitality you showed us.


Deb said...

Laura! I LOVED reading your post about meeting your penpal. That's so very special!!! I'm so glad that it worked out. Our husbands can be very good to us, can't they?

I remember when my family ran into your husband and daughter in the parking lot of the last conference. I knew right away who they were and greeted them and introduced my family all around. Afterwards my husband asked, "Now who was that?" I'm sure Cinnamon's husband probably felt the same way. LOL!

I agree; blogging is fun and meeting blogging friends is doubly fun!

Nikki said...

That just sounded like so much fun!!

Anonymous said...

I know how fun it is to meet your blog friends and pen pals. Our family enjoyed meeting you and Arthur last spring as well as Deb G and her family. Hope we can do it again!


Cinnamon said...

Hello pen pal :-) Got your last letter and soaked up every word. Nothing like getting mail from a friend.

I am so glad Arthur brought you here so we could meet. It was way too short but oh so fun.

Working on a letter back~


1HappyWife said...

Sounded like a fun time :)!

Nicole said...

Sorry, I now I am commenting a lot at once...I am trying to catch up on blogs and commenting!! The visit looks like so much fun!!! I think it's so great that you guys can pack up and go with the entire family!

Becki said...

How wonderful!!!
I frequent BOTH your blogs and would love to meet you both.
What a blessed time together with friends.