Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Day Trip...

I'm blogging from my phone so I'm not sure how the pictures will come out
or in what order they will appear. So, please use your imagination with
picture order and quality ;-)

A couple of weeks ago Arthur had some business to do in Rockwood, Tennessee
which is nestled in the foothills of the mountains...
so that meant a date and a day trip for us. After his business was
finished it was lunch time. The lady at the bank told Arthur about a
locally owned restaurant in their little downtown, it was the best food. We
had salad, loaded potato soup, and fried pickles ....yum! We then decided
to take a stroll through town, we window shopped ...truly a lost art. We
took in antiques, and the neatest little drug store with a working soda

Day trips are the best! Arthur and I were able to get business taken care
of, take a day trip, see some new sites, have a wonderful lunch, and we
still made it home for dinner with our children ...it felt like a mini

Have you gone on a day trip lately?


Lynda said...

I agree that day trips are wonderful and there's nothing like sleeping in your own bed that night - - - without having to live out of a suitcase!

Nikki said...

That does sound like a fun day. I had never heard of fried pickles? Is that a southern thing? I might have to try them sometime on a trip to Tn.:)

Amanda said...

Mmmmm...Fried Pickles. Ocoee Dam Deli has fantastic fried pickle spears. Looks like a fun trip. ;)

Nicole said...

Looks like a beautiful day... We haven't really taken a day trip to just walk around and "do nothing" in such a long time. You have inspired me! Looks like fun, and the food sounds GREAT!

Cinnamon said...

What a wonderful day! I love days like that and am in need of a whole week of them with my husband :-)

I love window shopping except I always end up buying something :-)


Deb said...

Oooh, I LOVE day trips like this!! The loaded potato soup sounds yummy! Sounds like a great day out with your husband! I'm catching up on 5 posts tonight - and enjoyed all the lovely birthday pictures and reading.