Sunday, March 11, 2012

Potty Training #10

Potty training, my LEAST favorite child training task!!! But it must be done...and sooner than later! Last week was (past) time for Miss Ruth Ella to be potty trained! For the past 6 months she has been potty trained for bowel movements, but not for as the kids say #1 ;) She had even started to come and tell us when she was wet by saying..."you need to change me, I'm wet", definitely time to lose the diapers!

Ruth Ella really liked her diapers, because she would say it matched Mary Ann...sigh**** But after a few days of really talking up what a ~big~ girls she would be if she was potty trained, then she began to warm up to the idea. Good thing she did because like it or not I had my mind set she was going to be potty trained!

The process of training......

* Bare feet, no socks or leggings...less to get wet, when and if there is an accident!
*Take to the potty every 30-45 minutes...and hope she gets the feeling of "Oh I need to go!"
*Patience and understanding...from the Mama
and those helping

*Loads of praise and encouragement
*Reward her when she goes to the potty, with 2 Smarties...purchased in Canada when visiting our dear friends the Pauls!


Day 1... 2 accidents
Day 2... 1 accident
Day 3... 100% potty trained!!!!!!

(OK, on day 3 we did have 1 mishap, but it wasn't Ruth Ella's fault. When at church Ruth Ella needed to go potty and I took her and she went. But when I stood her up to pull up her tights, I noticed something was her dress!!! I didn't hold it up well enough when she was on the potty and I accidentally dunked the back of her dress...OOPS!!! Good thing we had come with a back up dress.)

It has now been 1 week since day 3...And Ruth Ella is a Happy Girl, and potty trained!!!!!! We are so proud of her!

Disclaimer: We have now potty trained 10 children, and none have had the same type potty training experience. Ruth Ella was one of our easier children to train, Amanda was by far the easiest! She woke up one morning and said she was done with diapers, and from that day on she never had an accident! If, they all could be so easy.


Sammy and Missy Parris said...

Isn't it great when they tell you to change them. I know then it is way past time. I need to train Samuel(one of my goals this spring/summer. I always have a much harder time with the boys. Do you have a harder time with boys or girls? I guess they are all different. Wanted to check and see if you got my last two e mails. I'm so bad on the computer I actually sent one to myself (sounds crazy I know) I got a good laugh out of it though!!!!

Nikki said...

I really appreciated this post. :) Our Faith who turned two in December NEEDS to get totally potty trained. At eight months she was totally doing all her messy ones in the pot.....but for some reason quite a few months back changed her mind. I really NEED to get back at it and just encourage her to be a big girl. :) Thanks....she is too cute.

Cinnamon said...

Wonderful Ruth Ella!! Way to go!

You encourage me. Mostly now my kiddos potty train as they get a goodie when they take the child being trained. I get to supervise.

It is my least favorite thing to do beside teach the abc's. But I have to say this last batch of children were much easier to teach reading to :-)

hugs~ Cinnamon

Lynda said...

And she looks so much 'bigger' as in older and taller!!! Hooray for Ruth Ella and her 'trainers'. It is truly a wonderful day for parents when diapers are done!

Beth said...

And what week is a good week to send you Brady???

Great job, Ruth Ella!

mommyx12 said...

Nice. We've done the treat thing several times. Something about it just works all the time!

Amanda said...

Yay for you all! Potty training is such a big accomplishment. :)

Sydney Lynn said...

Great for Little Ruth Ella! She's growing up awfully fast...starting to look a lot like Rebekah and Elizabeth with that hair and those eyes :)

Amy said...

Wow!!! I can't believe she is potty trained already. I guess I need to work with Asa. I really understands because he tells me when he's stinky. Just recently he's been showing a little interest. All of the kids have been trained by age 3. The boys tend to be closer to age 3. Emma was earlier. I've always waited until we could verbally communicate with each other. I didn't want to look for signs and wonders;)

Great job, Ruth Ells!!!