Friday, April 20, 2012

The beginning of balance on the fulcrum... and a giveaway

Yesterday, I told about how our family lived the hurry scurry lifestyle and never seemed to find a balance on the fulcrum called life. If, you missed that post you can click
to read it.

Our life as a whole was busy, and trying to keep our balance never seemed to happen. We sought to have a balance, hoping that harmony would also come with that balance. Yet, it seemed the formula that we would apply never changed us completely....
We remained busy!
Our children were getting older and the Lord continued to bless us and add more children to our quiver. Arthur and I became burdened that we weren't doing something right, but we couldn't figure out what exactly it was that we were lacking.
We homeschooled, we were very active in church, went on mission trips, our children had loads of outside activities...choir, music, sports, etc. We ate dinner together most nights, prayed before meals, and at bedtime prayed with our what was missing?

Arthur and I felt the Lord telling us to attend a Family/Homeschool
encouragement weekend in Anaheim CA. put on by the Maxwell Family of Titus 2.We booked a flight, hired a sitter for our children, and packed up baby Wesley and off we went to California for the weekend.......
This type of thing was totally out of character for us, and we truly had no idea what a work the Lord was going to in us that weekend.
The Maxwell family spoke straight forward all weekend, backing their words up with scripture. Often times what they said hit a know that nerve of 'Oh I already knew that but I'm not doing it'...yes, that nerve!
Several of the sessions Teri Maxwell gave to the ladies I thought , wow, she knows just how I feel. Then she would give practical ways to help you with the situation, all pointing to our need to be in God's word!
Arthur went to several other sessions put on by Steve Maxwell for the men.
The session that hit home for Arthur was the session on Family Bible Time, Arthur walked away convicted but also on fire and encouraged!
Arthur stated on that day that when we returned home he would be starting a family Bible time. And that is just what he did upon our return home.

We began the next day after arriving home, and haven't missed a day since then. As a family we began to dig into God's Word, and to pray together as a whole family seeking one accord.
Little by little the Lord began to open our eyes to our many short comings,
and He began to refine us in a way that we didn't even know existed or even thought possible.
This is when we began to see harmony, and the balancing on the fulcrum started to seem like less of a daunting task.

Because we started to give God our first each morning,
we began to know Him in a deeper richer way from being in His word,
and our family started to see one another in a completely different light...
Harmony was upon us!

The giveaway we are offering is called

the Family

This is a wonderful DVD produced by Franklin Springs Media.
If your family doesn't have a family Bible/Worship time
or doesn't know how to start having one this DVD is a great source of help.

We highly recommend all families join in a time of Bible study/Worship each day.
It doesn't take a theologian or scholar to lead the time of Bible/Worship
all it takes is a family to come together as one!

Family Bible time and worship set our family on the road to harmony,
But what about simplicity?
Well, simplicity started to happen after the harmony which was set in motion from being in the Lord's word daily as a family.

Next post I'll share about that simplicity....
and how the balance on the fulcrum of life seems to come natural now.


There are 2 chances to enter this giveaway....

1 leave us a comment for 1 entry
2 blog about this giveaway
and leave a second comment

This giveaway will run until Wednesday night at 8PM, and the winner will be picked by Random. org and announced on Thursday.


Marianne said...

love your blog..thanks for the chance of winning the DVD.

Sammy and Missy Parris said...

Our family has learned so much from the Maxwell family. It was the first book that we bought that also lead us to a different lifestyle. We still would love to see them in person it just hasn't worked out yet but I think we have now bought about everything they have on their website. When I saw you were doing a giveaway I thought it might be something from them. However I have also seen this DVD from Franklin SPrings and it look so good. Thanks for the chance to win it. I've had it on my list of DVD's we want for awhile. I'm sure it will bless whoever wins it. I'll let you know when I blog about it. Thanks!!!

Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

Even though I know you I love hearing how you got ro where you are. : ) Please enter my family.

Cinnamon said...

Oh I am so enjoying your series. You have riches to share about your journey and I'm so happy I can read about them here :-)

I'll blog about this later....gotta go tend to littles now ;-)


Beth said...

Thanks for the chance to win! Love these posts - I often wonder how large families do it - I feel overwhelmed a lot with just 3 kids....

Sammy and Missy Parris said...

Just wanted to tell you that I blogged about your giveaway!


Tesha said...

Hi I found you blog from Paris family blog. I am so happy to have found you I love all of the Maxwell s books! Your family is beautiful I am blessed to have found you. I am from Lake city TENN.

Anonymous said...

Our family would love to win this! So thankful for how God is using you family's blogs to challenge and mentor our family! Thank you for this new series you are writing. Looking forward to the next one on simplicity.


Nikki said...

Thanks for the chance to win. Sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...

We would love to have the opportunity to watch this dvd. Thanks for having this giveaway and sharing your heart for family! ~Jordan

Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

The dvd sounds like something our family would really like!!! We miss you all a lot!

momof3girls said...

Wow! This DVD sounds like something my family and I really need. What a great give-away. Also, I'm glad I found your blog.

Amy McGill said...

I love your blog and devour it as soon a it hits my inbox. I am excited at a chance to win this DVD it sound powerful!

Deb said...

Hi Laura, I'm just catching up on some of your latest posts and have enjoyed reading your journey! We have this dvd and have enjoyed don't enter me in the giveaway. I just wanted to say hi and to thank you so much for keeping in touch with the beautiful Easter card!

Anonymous said...

Don't enter us since we already have this DVD but just wanted to say it is a tremendous film. Whoever wins it will be blessed!


1HappyWife said...

The Maxwell's have been a great blessing to us too :). Thanks to their ministry Family Bible time is a precious part of each day :).
DVD sounds like it will be a good one.

Sharon K said...

Thanks for the last two posts- such a blessing and encouragement. Don't enter me into this giveaway- please let the others have a chance. It looks like an encouraging help. :)

Laura said...

Please enter me!!! I've so enjoyed getting caught up on your blog today. I'm so far behind with blog reading, but I think of you all often. We really need to get together soon! I'll send you an email. :)

Leah Nicolette said...

I just found your blog and really like it! Your family is so blessed!