Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Brothers & Buddies

I have several blog post that I had started, yet, never finished. So, along with trying to catch up on our daily happenings I thought I would update the and finish the old post...and finally get them out of the drafts :)

James, Stephen, Madison, William, Wesley, & Jonathan

May 2011

Our 6 boy are growing ever so quickly,
each one crafted uniquely by the Master Potter.
I marvel at the talents and gifts He has given each one,
and how each one being so different compliment one another
with their talents and gifts.
Brothers and Buddies they are!
They stick close and back one another up...
daily life is full with 6 brothers ranging in
age from 14 to 4!
(written May 2011)

Madison, James, William, Jonathan, Stephen, & Wesley

April 2012

Our boys continue to grow and change,
in body and spirit.
A few now are young men, and before we know it will be men!
As they grow I love seeing the bond that they have with one another
continue to flourish and deepen.

This is one of the blessings that comes with being a parent!


Beth said...

Amazing how much they grow in what seems like a short year!! Handsome men you have there!

Cinnamon said...

You have a beautiful family. Handsome men and boys and sweet sweet girls :-)


Nicole said...

Wow. They sure are handsome! It's so neat to see the change, in pictures. I bet it's even more amazing to see the changes that we cannot see in a picture.

Oh~ and I love the new blog header. What an awesome picture, everyone looks so perfect!

Sharon K said...

I like the blog makeover; very pleasant to the eyes.
I also enjoyed reading about your boys. Such precious gifts!