Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Fulcrum of Life


How we found balance on the FULCRUM...

People often ask Arthur and I how we do it with so many children, from day to day life, finances, time management, work, and giving each child one on one time, teaching them, shepherding them, and still having time with one another.

We are no experts but, Arthur and I could talk at length about each subject. I'm pretty sure we could fill a book with all we know...
Good & Bad ...Do's & Don'ts! Most of which we learned from trial and error. For years we were heavily involved in every activity that could come our way church related, home school, sports, etc...along with daily life. This kept us very busy, seldom could we find a balance on the FULCRUM. All of this making for the hurry scurry lifestyle.

At times we truly weren't sure if we were coming or going, often times passing one another along the way. This made for a family lifestyle with little harmony or simplicity....And a family who was tired from trying to balance on the fulcrum of life. With this lifestyle it made it hard to have a family vision or unity, with so many seeking their own way and direction. About 5 years ago, we found a balance on the fulcrum. Oh the fulcrum didn't stop moving so we could balance, better yet, we learned to balance. We collectively came together 'in unity' to seek to balance on the fulcrum of life, in hopes to gain the harmony and simplicity that we were lacking.

If, you are curious how this took place in our family, come back tomorrow for the rest of the story......And a giveaway!


Nicole said...

Can't wait to read more!

Amanda said...

I am looking forward to reading more. I think finding balance is important whether you are an individual or a family of 13. I've had to learn to say "No" sometimes in order to say "Yes" to others.