Friday, April 13, 2012

Headstones....What will be said of you?

On our recent trip to the Chattanooga National Cemetery we walked around reading headstones. The children always like to read the names and dates. A few really like to read what war the person served in. I like to read both, but what I enjoy looking at the most are those 'final' defining words written on the stone. I think it gives a glimpse of what or who that person was. Often there are few words, but each word is powerful and well thought out. I know it would be difficult to write in few words about the legacy that person is leaving behind. Up until the other I hadn't really thought about what my family would say or write about me. When I came across this headstone, it made me think long and hard......

OK......this is not what I would want on my headstone! I stood and looked at this stone for some time, trying to understand family was already in the van waiting on me, but this one had me stumped! Oh, I know what it says, and I get it....but is that it?!? Is that all that was to speak of this mans life? I also noticed that this headstone didn't have a cross or any symbol of faith etched out on the top...So was this a man that thought that this is it?!? That once your done here, your just done?! No Heaven, No Hell?!? My heart sank, and I was sad for this man. Was this to be his legacy? I don't know? What I do know is that the Lord used this headstone to have me thinking not only about what legacy I'll be leaving one day, and of the words written on my headstone. But it opened my eyes once again to see the vast need that people all around us....our neighbors, family, clients, etc. have a need to hear the Word of the Lord presented to them. We should be telling others there is a Savior and there is hope!

Just a few feet away from this mans headstone I caught a glimpse of this stone, and it gave me chills! This is what it said.............

Now I'm not sure if this is what will be said to this man when he enters into heaven, but how wonderful it would be if it is! Just what kind of life did this man live? Was he a man of faith, and just as in Matthew 25:23 talks of that good and faithful servant...was this man? And then did the Lord bless Him with more to be a steward over? I have no idea, but this headstone was uplifting, and spoke of the legacy that his family felt he left behind.

I pray to be like the man with the second headstone and my family speaks highly of me. I look to the day when we will be united with our Lord. I hold to the promise.....

I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again and
receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also.
John 14:2-3

What might your headstone say about you?


Kulla Klan said...

One of our ministers talks about "the dash". 1920-2012. How did you live that "dash"?

Cinnamon said...

Hello Laura~ John and I were having a conversation about this very thing at the dinner table the other night. We were also talking about food. How those two topics got intertwined I have no idea but I said "put this on my headstone...She liked Macaroni and Cheese." haha! Cause I really really like it but it does not like me.

Now I was just kidding. I have given this some thought. I came up with this....I would want my family to put what they thought of me on there since I would not be reading it. And putting "mac and cheese" on there would make them laugh.


The Munck Family said...

Cinnamon, your to funny! Mac & Cheese I'm with you;)

I can see how that might make your family smile.

Like for Arthur it would be his famous quote

"Kennel Up!" This is what he calls out to the kids to load up in the van :) And reading it as a passer by it could have several meanings in ones mind!

Yet, I do hope I'm remembered for one thing and that is my love for my family...and well,a birthday party ;)

Nicole said...

Wowee...that first stone made me so sad as well :( I would have such a hard time reading all the headstones, but you are right...if you really want to get burdened for lost souls, go to a cemetary and just wonder how many died without ever knowing Christ. It's overwhelming and sure gives you a burden to do what we have been commanded, and TELL a lost and dying world.
Thanks for this post and a great reminder!

Anonymous said...

What a sobering reminder to think about what others will remember about us long after we are gone.


Theresa said...

Thank you for your blog comment and your prayers. I will have to email you with my update as to how I am spending my "free time". LOL. I love you Sister!

Beth said...

I love love love that passage - "well done good and faithful servant" - how lucky we would be to have that said to us when we enter those Pearly Gates!!!!