Thursday, April 12, 2012

How we celebrated Resurrection Sunday...

We had a wonderful day together as a family. We started the day off by attending church, we were blessed by the message Pastor McCready spoke. Each Sunday our church shares in a fellowship meal after service, but it was canceled for Resurrection Sunday. So, after church we headed home, this is how the rest of our day went.

We took family pictures......

Ruth Ella...

Madison, Mary Ann, and Arthur

More pictures to come, soon!

We had a special lunch and a few chocolate treats....

At lunch we talked about Christ grace, love, and sacrifice...and of our sins that placed Him on the cross.

After lunch we took a ride down to National Cemetery to visit Arthur's parents grave. The children enjoy visiting, they always take off running up the hill to the grave.

James, Stephen, and William made to the top first.

Mary Ann didn't care to much for being placed in the grass, silly girl. Mary Ann is standing next to her Grandma Elizabeth's grave, who happened to have passed away 28 years ago that day! I know Arthur and his siblings miss her, and I know each one wishes that she could have meet her grandchildren. Because of the Resurrection one day they will meet...praise be to the Lord!

Now Mary Ann is happy, happy to be held by Amanda :)

Once home we had dessert, Elizabeth had made fruit pizza, YUM!

After dessert we sat around the table, we read and opened Resurrection Eggs...

Each of the younger children had 2 eggs to open, then they passed them around to share. These are great visuals to go along with the scripture for small children.

To finish off the day we had some fellowship with a little praise and worship time.......

Our family said this was their favorite Resurrection Sunday, EVER!
We are thrilled to serve a Risen Savior!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate and remember all that Christ did for us on that cross.
Thanks for the beautiful card.



Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

Beautiful pictures. I don't think I knew your children played instruments. That's awesome. We are praying to start Maggie in the next couple of years. : )

Cinnamon said...

Sounds wonderful Laura. Your dessert pizza looked yummy! As usual your table looked wonderful :-)

What a great way to celebrate~

I'm popping an actual letter in the mail for you today :-)


Amanda said...

Looks like a beautiful day together.

I really enjoyed seeing you today. I hope you have a blessed weekend. :)

Sharon K said...

A beautiful post- thank you for sharing