Monday, April 9, 2012

Trampoline- Friend or Foe?

After the recent experiences Stephen has had on the trampoline I believe he would say the trampoline is 'foe'! The month of March didn't start out to well for Stephen. He and his brothers were playing on the trampoline when the first mishap took place. Stephen and Wesley were jumping and Wesley's head hit Stephen in the mouth! Arthur and I weren't home it was the day were were finishing our taxes. Elizabeth called us to tell us that Stephen had split a tooth, a permanent tooth! I call the dentist and Elizabeth took him right over. They had to secure the tooth and repair in, and we had a follow up appointment 2 weeks later to make sure it was holding properly!

BUT, before the 2 weeks were up Stephen had another trampoline accident! This time Stephen was on the trampoline with James and he fell off! He landed on his elbow, and was in some pain. We checked it over and decided to take him on to the emergency room...seeing it was a 5PM on a Sunday.

Stephen had X-rays done of his elbow and wrist. They looked over the elbow and arm, ask him about his pain level. The doctor said she just didn't see anything on the x-ray showing a break. She felt that there must been muscle tears or damage. I then told her that it must be really badly damaged because Stephen has a very HIGH pain tolerance. And it just seemed odd for him to complain. She agreed that it must be painful, she had the nurse wrap his arm in an ace bandage and put him in a sling. The doctor instructed him to wear the sling for a week. She then said if we felt it wasn't getting better in a week or so to go and see his pediatrician.

~Now for the record in our family we have some 'dramatic' children when it comes to sickness and pain. On the flip side we also have some who could suffer a severed limb and still keep functioning as though nothing was wrong. Stephen would fall into the latter category, he is tough as nails!~

Well, 10 days passed and Stephen was still favoring his arm, but no complaining! He wasn't wearing his wrap or sling anymore. We began to watch him when he was doing school and various task like putting on his shirt, etc. and we noticed how he held his arm in to his side. He would lift his arm with his other arm to move it. We had continually ask him how his arm felt and he would respond "better, but still hurts some". Arthur and I talked about it and decided that something was still very wrong, even though Stephen wasn't complaining of pain. So, Arthur ask Stephen to lift his arm, and he couldn't....Not. At. All. It was time to get a real answer, Arthur took Stephen to the doctor the next day. They sent him straight for an X-Ray and this is what they saw....

A break right below his shoulder!!!!!
BROKEN, wow!!! Poor sweet boy had been walking around with a broken arm, and not complaining!

They don't cast for this break, so he went back in the sling for a few more weeks. He was a great patient and did just what the doctor told him and as of yesterday, he can resume regular activities. He was thrilled about this! Font size

As for the trampoline, it is now GONE! We have had 3 trampolines over the years, and never had an accidents. (And for those who are wondering, no we didn't have a net because it had ripped, and we did have trampoline rules) But with 2 accidents of this nature in less than a week, well, it's not worth taking the chance of someone else getting hurt. Plus, it gave more room to run in the yard ;)


Nicole said...

WOW...I can't belive he broke his arm! That is so crazy that he's been walking around with a broken arm. Poor guy :( We will be praying for quick healing.

Nikki said...

Sorry to hear of Stephen's accidents. I am glad that you shared this story with us. My husband has always been a little wary of the trampolines and though one had been given to us it remained in pieces . I know now it will stay that way.:) Your story also reminded me of my Emma. A few years ago when she was five she fell and broke her collarbone. We KNEW something was wrong when she would not swing as it was her FAVORITE thing to do before. She too has a HIGH pain tolerance. Glad that your little guy is on the mend. Hopefully it will heal quickly.

Amanda said...

I'm glad that he is starting to do better.

Neva 'Dele said...

Aww. Poor guy! :( Sounds like some of our boys. :/

mommyx12 said...

Poor guy. Those shoulder breaks are hard to diagnose. Our Juli had one years ago when she fell off a stage. For two weeks she suffered with it. She never complained unless daddy would swing her. or we would hold her hands and swing her as we walked. That kind of thing. Poor thing was not even 2 years old yet. Finally one day we just realized that things were NOT normal with her outbursts of screams every time we picked her up. Sure enough, when they did an xray she had broken her collar bone. Oh did we ever feel bad.

We are beginning to wonder about the trampoline too. Friend or foe!

Beth said...

Glad he has healed well!

Cinnamon said...

Oh Laura!! Poor Stephen!! I'm so glad he is getting better and they found out what the problem was :-0

That's a lot to take in. How are you doing? How that sweet family of yours? I miss our visits, our notes back and forth. Wish you lived right next door!! Then I could get up and wave at your each morning as I sipped my tea before the day got started :-)

Thank you for your sweet card. Got it today.


Anonymous said...

Your poor boy. Hope he continues to heal well. I've seen and heard of a number of trampoline accidents, so we decided to do without. We seem to get into enough problems with both feet on the ground. :)
See you soon.


Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

Oh my I'm so sorry. How great that God gave you wisdom to know something was still wrong.I am thankful that the healing is going well.

Love to you