Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Simply Life....

My lack of posting has been due to

Life happening...

You know daily life, and family 'must' come first!

I thought last week and over the weekend I would post some while Elizabeth and and I were away at the GHEA convention. But that didn't happen for 2 reasons, the hotel Internet was $14 a day...Yikes! And because my cell phone black screened, the first day Thursday! So, no Internet for us. I'm still without a cell phone, and really to my own surprise I haven't missed it. Upon our return home daily life has taken over my time, I plan to get back to posting the rest of Balancing on the Fulcrum of life. Thank you for all who have left comments and your kind words.

In the mean time it seems we are in a season in our lives that is very full and ever changing...as I know most of you are as well. I have really watched my children at play and interacting in daily life taking it all in, not wanting to miss a thing. I have also listened more closely to their stories, questions, and conversations...with family members and myself. Having children that range in age from adult to baby gives me many levels to interact on.....As I said it's a season, one that we will never be in again as each day our children grow and change.

Simply Life:
We take lots of pictures in our family, and for memory sake I plan to blog daily a glimpse of daily life. This way to capture a bit of our simple life for our children, because seasons pass all to quickly next week, month, and year will never be as they are today!


Mary Ann and her discovery in a kitchen cabinet...

Life is good!

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Cinnamon said...

Oh I love the pictures of little miss sweetie pie! She's adorable over and over.

Yes enjoy your season. We are swooshing from one season to another. But for now NOT taking pictures has been a blessing. Not blogging. Not putting time and effort into sitting on the computer.

Miss you friend~ Cinnamon