Monday, June 4, 2012


Ruth Ella is a busy girl who is full of energy. You won't often find her sitting playing with toys, because she would much rather be working. She comes along side us in our daily chores/task and is always eager to pitch in and help. Several days ago Ruth Ella announced to Elizabeth and I that she would make her bed. I then ask her if she thought she would need any help. She boldly told me "no", and then proceeded to tell me how to make her bed which direction to pull the covers, how to place the pillows, and how some of her animals go in her cubbie. Off she went to make her bed, awhile later she came out wearing a big smile on her face. She had accomplished the task in which she had set her mind to, and in her eyes it was just perfect!

Yet, this is what most would have thought,
The covers were pulled up but not all tucked in....

Her nap blanket wasn't folded and her sham was turned upside down, but placed in the right spot. She had arranged her animals in the middle of her bed, they weren't all lined up neatly.

I didn't see any of those things! What I saw was our sweet little girl who was driven by determination to make her bed, and that is just what she did. In my eyes her bed looked wonderful. I love Ruth Ella's spunk, zeal for helping others, determination, and love for her family. I pray that as she grows she will learn to use these things to serve the Lord.

Children obey your parents in the Lord, for this right.
Ephesians 6:1


Nicole said...

That is SO incredibly sweet! Oh, my! What a sweet little girl :)
Good job, Ruth Ella!!

Emily Fay said...

That is so precious! :)

Cinnamon said...


Granton, who is 3, just carries all his stuff with him. His blankies come down in the morning. Then they sit on the couch for a while. Then they make their way back to bed for his nap, then back down again. Haha!

Finally his older sister just showed him how to store all he owns (just about!) in his backpack and carry that every where he goes.

Guess we are always prepared if we need to dart out the door on an adventure.

Ruth Ella - your are adorable!


Lynda said...

It looks like she stuck with the task to completion - - and as you said, she got the items where they belong. I like that the animals are all facing each other so they can talk until Ruth Ella returns to them at night! She shows a great work ethic at an early age - - - - kids often learn more by what's caught rather than taught. She's modeling the behavior she sees in the ones she loves!

Carolyn said...

I have been reading your blog for a while now; I really enjoy your stories. I dreamed that you and your family came to visit me (you had some type of business in the area) and you all ended up staying the night at my house; we had a nice visit!

If you ever do come to Vancouver, WA (near Portland, OR), please stop in for coffee.


Here is a link to my friend’s blog; your families are very similar in number and gender: