Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: A Bean Thief

OK...a few words :)

Sorry for the poor picture quality, was just to busy trying to catch the thief in action....

In the end we found out that Mary Ann really likes raw green beans, and obviously they taste best when eaten in your jammies ;)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Sister & Brother Pairs

Memories Past & Present

Madison & Rebekah

Fall of 1999

They were the best of buddies and still are. Rebekah is the goof the silly one, Madison is the more serious straight forward one.... when you mix the 2 together, they make a fantastic pair :)

Wesley & Ruth Ella

Yesterday, out at the farm.

These 2 are much like Madison and Rebekah, the difference being Wesley is the goof the silly one, and Ruth Ella is more serious and straight forward one. In the same way you put the pair together and WOW, there isn't a dull moment.

I'm ever so thankful for sibling bonds....arguments and kind words it all makes for stronger relationships.

Embrace those around you, create bonds, make memories, seek to be Christ hands and feet.
Life is so short isn't it wonderful to share the good times and bad with those you love...and in the mix of things it seems they always know how to bring a smile to your face or make you laugh :)

whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away. James 4:14

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Our first farm animal....

Today was the day, we picked our new Puppy!!!!!

OK, I know not really a "farm animal" but one day he will live there :)

Meet Gaither.....

(named after The Gaither Vocal Band)

He is a 7 week old Border Collie, and we're ALL smitten with him! You know that didn't take long ;)

Look, what's not to love???

He did so well with the van ride, bath, and overall clean up! Good thing cause in our line of work that's just daily life. Someone ask us if we would be leaving him at the farm...NO WAY! He's just a pup, and he needs us. So, he'll be loved and pampered and get to go play in doggie daycare each day. He will also get outings to the farm to learn about farm life as well. Speaking of farm life, we took Gaither to see the farm this evening, and he loved it!

He ran, played, and hid.....

Then he slept.......

Not only did Gaither sleep, but so did his little friend:)

Yes, indeed I believe he will fit right in with our family!

You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.
Psalm 16:11

Friday, August 24, 2012

Our Anniversary Trip & Our Big News

July 27, Arthur and I celebrated our anniversary!

(And for those who questioned if our 'Big' news is that I'm pregnant, well that's not the news!)

The day started out with a bouquet of mixed flowers~
I can almost smell them now :)

And then a very sweet surprise came from a precious couple who have become like family to us. They gave us a fruit basket and an anniversary card~

So, where did we go, and what's the 'Big' news???

We took a weekend trip in the RV, about 20 miles from home....

Our destination was "OUR FARM"

Yep, we bought a farm! We are all so excited, and enjoying our new journey!!!!!

The next morning started off with breakfast... lots of ~COFFEE~
and an early morning walk around the farm.

We sat and swang on the porch of the little yellow house, where we had some quiet time. We prayed and ask the Lord to show us just what He would have us to do with this land. Because let me tell you we have lots of plans for the land, but they are our plans. We're also very aware that if those plans don't align with the Lord's will...Wow, we'll be in a mess. So, during our weekend we sought the Lord's will, His leading and direction. We have been given the answers to some things but still waiting on others. All in His time!

Instead you ought to say, “If the Lord wills, we shall live and do this or that.”
James 4:15

We were able to sit back relax and enjoy the surroundings....

There's so much beauty there to take in....

And silence other than the animal sounds, was so refreshing.

That evening Arthur grilled some steaks for our anniversary dinner....

And what's a dinner without dessert...Turtle Cake, Yum~

Then it was time for a evening ride in the fields.....
(the buildings behind Arthur aren't on our farm)

We watched as the sun dropped back behind the hill....

And night was being ushered in....

We marveled at our Creator, and His abundant blessings for which we are unworthy.

Once night arrived the moon hung above the little yellow house giving it a cozy glow. There was a warm gentle breeze that brought in the smell of hay, and all around you could here a serenade of tiny critters. This was a night we will never forget!

A little background:
We had been looking for land for over a year, and we heard about this farm from our pastor.
We purchased the farm on May 1, and it's been a family project since then. This farm at one time was part of a large dairy farm. The large farm was then sold off in smaller farms. The farm we purchased has the dairy barn and yellow house, both have been vacant for quite some time. There has been lots to clean out with still more to go. In recent weeks we have purchased a tractor and bush hog, gotten electricity, and running water...we're making progress. Slow and steady :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Amanda's Birthday

19 on the 19th

Amanda is now 19, not sure how that happened?!? Life sure moves fast!

Amanda's theme was, what else but the Titanic!

Rebekah decorated the tree in vintage items gathered from her great grandmother and a great aunt. She also purchased a few items to pull it all together...she had a lot of fun with this.
Cupcakes, yum!

Since Amanda's birthday was on a Sunday we had a day of celebration,
it started off with breakfast!

Elizabeth made a tasty veggie quiche,
Panera Bread did the baking :)

She was really excited about the theme, which made me happy. I had been planning this theme since May after Arthur and I found the Life 100th Anniversary Titanic book.

Breakfast Menu:
Veggie Quiche
Bagels w/honey walnut cream cheese
Orange Juice

After breakfast it was on to presents.....

Check Spelling
We gave Amanda several little things for her birthday but her big gift was the Kindle Touch.
She didn't have any idea that was what she was getting. For the past couple of months she has been putting money back to buy one.

That evening we had a birthday dinner, cupcakes, and homemade ice cream.

Dinner Menu:
Macaroni & Cheese
Raw carrots & cucumbers

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16

Trick candles are always funny,
especially when you haven't bought them in years :)

We had a great day celebrating Amanda, and the gift that she is to each of us!

we pray the Lord lead and guide you in the year ahead. May His light shine through you.
We love you