Friday, August 3, 2012

Our days consist of....

-things to do
-task completed
-and often times rearranging :0
*Post It notes here and there of things that come to mind

The wedding prep is keeping us in a flurry around here. I'll have to admit weddings are not easy to plan and can be stressful, if you allow it to overtake your every waking thought. With a family of 13
that's just not possible or we would be living in chaos. Through prayer we have had to seek a balance. Most days we done well, but there have been a couple of days....well, we failed miserably! All in all the wedding is coming together nicely, with memories being made along the way.

Mixed in with all of this is as I seem to always say ~life~ these days life is abundantly full. This week several in our family have experienced a nasty stomach virus, love their not fun!!! Then our sweet little Miss Mary Ann is cutting all 4 of her molars...Ouch! She has wanted to be held a lot, so that's what we have done. Extra TLC and her cozy blanket seem to make it a bit more bearable. School was put on hold for this week, yet I hope to get in 4 days next week. The following week will be wedding week, I'm pretty sure that will be the only thing on our minds, as the week will I'm sure fly by! I still have a post about our anniversary trip along with pictures. After the wedding is over Amanda and I have lots to share from our Texas trip, we had a wonderful trip and we're eager to share.

~Life~ it's happening and happening fast, so we're soaking it all in..... Love, Happiness, & Joy!!!!

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Deb said...

Ooh, Laura, I just can't imagine all the things y'all are doing these last couple of the sickness. We'll be praying as a family for you all that the Lord will give you peace and contentment and much productivity for the wedding.