Thursday, September 6, 2012

We are in a steady pace of


We are enjoying the ~busy~ in which we are in. We accomplished much last week, celebrated Labor Day on Monday, then it seems the rest of the week has just whisked by....

Is tomorrow really Friday? I know it is and now we are gearing up for a weekend full of birthday celebrating! Our 2 September birthday children are just one day apart...always making for lots of fun, food, and laughter :)

I'm trying to get back into the blog swing. I have a giveaway coming up that I'm excited about, and of course party pictures to come. I hope each of you have a blessed weekend.


Emily Fay said...

Have a wonderful weekend! It sounds like you are blissfully busy :)

Laura said...

I'm so excited for you all and your farm! Can't wait to see pictures of the progress. :)

Cindy said...

We also had a busy weekend. But no birthdays. :(

Hope yours were fun!!