Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31 for 21...Babies,Children, & Adults with Down Syndrome have value!

If, you couldn't tell over the past 30 days....
I love a child with Down Syndrome!

 Below is a link to a blog post sent to Arthur and I today by a very dear Brother in Christ. It is so worth reading, and praying for those who feel selective elimination of a baby with Down Syndrome is OK! We were presented a "choice" over 14 years ago whether or not we wanted to keep Jonathan or abort him...In our minds there was no question. Jonathan was a keeper just like every other baby!

No, you may NOT imply that about babies with Down syndrome.


Today was a full day and one that didn't allow for time on the computer until just now, so my final 31 for 21 post will not be today. Anyway, it's a post from the heart one that could be posted at anytime. So, even though tomorrow is the first day of November I have 2 more post to complete my Down Syndrome Awareness Month posts. Until tomorrow....

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Delilah said...

It still amazes me how people justify murdering babies. Even if the baby is not "Perfect", it really just baffles me. There is a song by Ray Boltz(though I don't agree with his "new" lifestyle) I love, "what was I suppose to be", I love the video...Anyways...Your sweet little Jonathan looks like he is an amazing young man and I have enjoyed reading all about him:)