Saturday, October 6, 2012

31 for 21....Day 6

Jonathan, Wesley, William, & Ruth Ella

 Jonathan absolutely loves animals,
 and when purchased our new dog Gaither he was on cloud 9!

Gaither, Jonathan, Ruth Ella, & William

 The children had a ball running after Gaither,
 then having Gaither in return run after them.

Wesley, Ruth Ella, Gaither, & Jonathan

I believe that Jonathan out of all the children had the best day,
 he ran, giggled, smiled and laughed the whole time
 while out at the farm.

Watching Jonathan on days like this makes life a little bit sweeter :)


Lynda said...

The joy on his face is unmistakeable. So glad you captured it.

Anonymous said...

He just is such a handsome young man! He looks so happy and healthy! thanks for sharing the pictures and something of the lives of your children. It is always a blessing to read your blog!
But, I again have just one question, what does 31 for 21 actually mean?