Monday, October 29, 2012

31 for 21....Jonathan & William

William & Jonathan in San Antonio, Texas...July 2012

I was ask this question in an Email from Mary..... Thank you for sharing the information about down syndrome with the readers.  Just curious, from what you know in your studies, has the ratio of children with this extra chromosome increased during recent years or stayed relatively the same? 

The blog post done on Day 24, it gave the statistics for babies born with Ds today. You can view that post HERE~

*The stats today are 1 in 691
Honestly Mary, I haven't followed the stats very well. I have over the years read several stats, but nothing that really stuck to memory. I have many books which were published at various dates and time, the oldest published back in 1963. Each book has it's own stats and findings. I'll give you a couple of stats, and say it looks as though from book to book the stats vary. The one thing I know that will never change in the world of Ds is that no matter how trying it can be physically and mentally....The rewards of having that person in your life who has Ds outweighs and struggles!!!

*Stats from 2003 1 in 900 births

*Stats from 1964 1 in every 800 to 1000

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