Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Giveaway...2 Moore Family Films

These 2 films are a "must" see!

Be encouraged and inspired as the Mosses work together, play together, and pray together.  See for yourself how a Biblical vision of family life results in a strong family who loves each other and desires to glorify the Lord together.  This is their life...

The family today is in crisis like never before.  And sadly, we don't have to look beyond our own four walls to see the results.  Our families are falling apart.  

But, God's design for the family is quite different.

In Deuteronomy 32, Moses tells the people: Set your hearts unto all the words which I testify among you this day, which ye shall command your children to observe to do...for it is not a vain thing for you, because it is your life.  

In this film get a refreshing glimpse into the daily life of the Mosses, a Christian family training their children in the ways of the Lord.  Learn about:

  • Why they educate their children at home
  • Why Beverly stays home to care for the family
  • How George leads his family in Bible reading and prayer
  • Why they trust God for children after 6 c-sections
  • How God brought their family through a time of trial 
  • How brothers and sisters can be best friends

*Our view of the film.....
This film was extra special to us because we know the Moss family. We were blessed to have met them at The Baby Conference in San Antonio July 2010, and later we had them in our home for a visit. This film depicts the Moss family just as they are, a family who loves each other deeply and the Lord being the center of their lives. It tells of a family trial that faith in Christ got them through. We see the Moss family seeking to be a light for Christ in all they do.

About Children are a Blessing:
We live in a day when most people, Christians included, eagerly apply for what God calls a curse - debt - but never give a second thought to preventing or even destroying what God calls a blessing - children.

If we are to live our lives according to the Word of God, we must ask ourselves, "What saith the Scripture?" 

Join the Moore family in this timely documentary as they briefly expose the evil history of the birth control movement on the 50th anniversary of "the pill."  They transparently share their testimony of how God, in His grace and mercy, opened their eyes in spite of their own sinful beginning. Be encouraged as they casually answer questions often posed to large families. Then, experience the joy of Biblical family life as they anticipate, give birth to, and welcome their tenth child into their home. Most of all, be inspired to look to the Word of God for answers to everything in life, but specifically to see that Children are a Blessing.
*Our view of the film....
Our family found this film to be straightforward and on the mark Biblically. We came away encouraged and happy to see where the Lord is leading the Moore family. It shows that as a family they are seeking to follow Christ in all areas of their life, not just giving part of their family to Him but the whole. They heard the call of the Lord to lead them to put together this documentary to enlighten and bless others. We believe it is doing just that, and we pray that they continue to create such films for God's glory!

Giveaway Rules:
You can enter the giveaway up to 2 times.

1- Leave us a comment telling us which DVD you would like and why.
2 -Blog about this giveaway, come back telling us you did.

~Giveaway ends Monday, October 29 at midnight~ 

If, you just can't wait to view these awesome films, 
go check out the Moore Family Films website. 
This month they are running a great special.
Now if your really in a hurry to see the films you can download and rent them!
Check it our HERE~


Momma Chilson said...

I would like "Children are a Blessing". I know some families I could share this with. We have 14 children and is nice to be able to share with others that we are not alone in our leading from God.

Nicole said...

I would LOVE the first film. I love to watch as other families strive raise their children for the Lord! Its all through Gods grace and through His help, but what an encouragement we can find through other families! What a great give away, Laura!!

Rebecca R. said...

Hard to decide as they both sound interesting! I guess the first one about the Moss family, as we have 9 children, and our last three pregnancies have been c-sections, as well as any future ones. Would be interested to hear what they have to say about that.

Nikki said...

We would LOVE to win the Children are a Blessing DVD as we believe just that. CHILDREN ARE A BLESSING!!! Thanks for the chance to win.

Rebekah said...

I would be thrilled to win It is your Life or Children are a blessing! I have heard of them but do not own any of their dvds!

Anonymous said...

I am sending you this link because of the series of posts "31 for 21" that you have been doing. I am not sure if you are aware but recently Ann Coulter used the word r*tard as an insult to President Obama. I think everyone can agree that this is an insulting and degrading word. The link is a very elegant rebuttal from a man with Trisomy 21. I am glad that you are doing a series of posts on Trisomy 21 - and hope you like this article.

Abby said...

I would like the first one. I am interested to see how they raise their children in the way of the Lord.

Thank you,

Scott -Kathy Wilson said...

Wow! I would be interested in watching both videos. I love to hear and see how families are raising their children to love the Lord. I would also like to learn more about the Children are a Blessing movie. Thanks for the chance to win.

Kelly said...

They both sound great... but if I have to choose... The Moss Family DVD.

Meg said...

I would love "It's Your Life" as I have yet to see it. My husband and I have six children, are open to having more, and are currently pursuing more through adoption!

Meg said...

I would love to win "It's Your Life" as I have not seen that yet and it would be good to share with others who I know are on the cusp of deciding weather or not to welcome more children into their families.,

The Munck Family said...

Thank you for the link, I too had heard and seen that! Very sad, as is the way the world so chooses to use the word. I have thought long (this has been a hot topic for a few years) about doing a post on the topic, your comment has encouraged me to do so.

Thank you for stopping and commenting!

Lisa said...

I am not entering, but I would love to see both dvd's . My hubby and I will have to watch both together. Going to share this giveaway on my blog. Blessings to you today~

Anonymous said...

It would be a huge blessing to have the second video. We are adoptive parents to 6 blessings. My hubbie & I are unable to have children together. So, God has choosen to bless us this way. We would enjoy watching how other big families raise their Godly family in His sight. Thank you! Janet

Cinnamon said...

"It is Your Life" for sure. Been wanting to see it for a while now. Of course they both look good :-)


Momma Chilson said...

I blogged about your giveaway on my blog!

Vanderpolclan said...

We would love to see "It's your life" as we have seen the other one.


Christine fields said...

I would like the children are a blessing. We are looking into adoption and addin g to our family. It would be a great encouragement.

Shanna said...

I would love to see "It's Your Life". Our family is always encouraged by seeing how other do things. It is always nice to learn new ideas and see if they might work in your own family.

Savories of Life said...

I would love to see children are a blessing and share it with others! Thanks
vsbelley @ gmail.com Val

The Mayo Family said...

We are just thankful to learn of these DVD'S as we had not known of them! We are blessed just even at this point in watching the 'trailors'....Thank you sweet Munck family for sharing this!
If there is still room for names....we would love to watch more on the Moss family :)
Well either would be a blessing :)
Thanks for your generousity~
The Mayo Family

Julianne said...

I would like to see "It's your life". I've had the chance to view Children are a Blessing DVD previously and was impressed by the quality and message shared! I love learning about new families and how they incorporate biblical principles, which is why the Moss family movie intrigues me!

Melissa said...

I would love to see the DVD, Children are a blessing. We have soon to be 8 children and I am one of 9 as is my husband and this sounds like a movie great for my family.

RaShell said...

They both look great, but I think I would like the Moss Family DVD. Thank you for the entry!

Lovelace Family Blog said...

I would love the second one. I absolutely love to see another family in action. I love my children so much and count them a huge blessing that I am sure we all would love the film.