Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Hot Cocoa kind of Day!

Here in Tennessee it's C-O-L-D, the temperature is in the low 40's with a north wind....Brrrrr!

Some would say that's not cold, but for those of us in the south ....Yikes that's cold! But cold didn't keep the Munck guys from putting up our Christmas lights....I'm so excited to see what it will look like at dark.

When we saw how cold a couple of the (little) guys were we thought Hot Cocoa would do the trick to warm them up :)

Thank guys for all your hard work, I love you! 


Faye Henry said...

Good Evening.. Isn't it great to get your lights up? We must have exchanged weather today.. We just had our sweaters on and we are way up North.. grin..
Cocoa sounds lovely..
God bless..

Lisa said...

Dear Laura,
in Germany only a few people put up so many lights like most people in the US seem to do. I think, the light of Christmas is coming mostly through candles here. But of course we are also starding to decorate these days. I don't know how you celebrate the weeks before Christmas. I really love to hear about how christian families in other countries live, it's so inspiring. Do you have a advent wreath with four candles? We do light our first candle next sunday and one more every following till Christmas.
I'm so looking forward to making ours on thursday in the kindergarten of our church with my friends!
I wish you and your beautiful family a blessed sunday.

The Munck Family said...


We also do advent candles. We don't do ours on a wreath but an advent candle holder. I too enjoy seeing how other celebrate Christmas, I have noticed over the years that no 2 families do the same thing. I guess that's what makes each family unique. I hope your crafting goes well, and is a lot of fun. Have a blessed Christmas season.

Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

You aren't kidding! It was so COLD. I hate the cold. I'm so cold natured that the cold just hurts! I keep my heating pad on my rocking chair so I can sit and get extra warm through out the day! Can't wait to see your decorations!


Anonymous said...

We decorated in the cold too and are still decorating! Looking forward to seeing you soon.


Amanda said...

Mmmmm...Cocoa. I bet it will look awesome.