Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thankful for...Birthdays

Birthdays are the best!!!
We absolutely love birthdays, it's a time to celebration another year with ones you love. Over the years we have tried to make birthdays special for each of our children, life is a wonderful gift given to us by the Lord. So, on birthdays we try and make the day one they will remember all year long.

I'm thankful for each birthday we celebrate, what a blessing to have had another year with the ones we love. We honor that person for their year of accomplishments, and help them bring in the the upcoming year of new beginnings.

Today we celebrated James birthday, his birthday is the last in our family for the year. I'm a bit sad it will be February before we have another birthday. Yet, I'm thrilled we were given another year to celebrate another birthday for each of our children.

Thankful for birthdays!!!!!!!


Matthew said...

Happy Birthday James!

We pray God's best for you in the coming year as you continue to grow in grace and in the knowledge of Him.

Matthew for the Potters

JenniferL said...

Happy Birthday, James! Have a blessed year!

I love the way your family does birthdays. Those posts always bring a smile to my face.

Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

Josh and Autumn's birthdays are November 7 and 9 and then Jeremy's isn't until Feb so we have the same break. LOL. My mom's is in January though.

Happy Birthday James!