Saturday, December 29, 2012

A bit of Christmas cheer at the farm...

 Thanksgiving weekend we decided that the farm needed to say Merry Christmas, 
so we purchased a few items and went to decorate.


All the children enjoyed helping out,
 and Mary Ann just enjoyed being outside!

We didn't do much in way of decorating a few wreaths, some bows, and a couple of poinsettias,
yet it made the farm have a Christmas feel.

We look forward to the many years ahead of decorating at the farm! We hope to have our Christmas here next year!!!


Teena said...

beautiful. Love it. Thanks for sharing. So peaceful.

Much love,

Cinnamon said...

What! Christmas there next year? That soon? Wow!!

I think your farm is adorable. The decorations are just the right touch to create a warm feeling of Christmas. I love the two doors in front. They need a sign on them like:

women / men or food / chores :-)


How is your apprentice working out?


Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

That is so pretty!!

Anonymous said...

Your farm looks lovely! Would love to see pictures of the inside of the house. We have a farm house that looks very close to yours, interested to see how similar the inside is.

The Munck Family said...


I'll have to get more pictures of the inside, we only have a few. I'm sure your house doesn't look like this one, as this house has been gutted! In the fall Arthur replaced all the windows and doors, and is now working on rebuilding the inside, in hopes that we can live in the house while we build our future home on the farm. We have lots of plans for the house in the years to come, we love this little house and all the charater it has.

Thanks for stopping by and asking, I'll try to get a few pictures.

Nichole Contente said...

I just found your blog! love reading all the posts :) I'm a young mom of 5 all 7 and under.