Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Christmas Tea

Several weeks ago we Munck ladies received an invitation to a Christmas tea at the Hartel's home. Yesterday we drove to Atlanta to attend the tea.

(Thankfully Arthur was able to drive us down along with the boys. Joe our store intern was so kind to watch the store for us. While they waited on us the guys went bowling, and had lots of fun.)

Now back to the tea....the tables were beautifully set, the food was very tea-ish and fun, their home was welcoming with Christmas cheer, the tea was divine, and they had some really neat trivia games that I plan to share another day.

Ruth Ella and Mary Ann had never attended a tea, so this was a first for them. Mary Ann enjoyed the grapes and her very first candy cane. Ruth Ella liked getting dressed up, her hair curled, and wearing a new bracelet Amanda made her.

Tea parties are great for girls of all ages!
(The picture of Ruth Ella was taken at the tea party.)


Anonymous said...

We loved seeing you at the tea!! Everybody was dressed up so pretty, and we loved Ruth Ella's pearl bracelet:) I just wish the day lasted longer!


Faye Henry said...

Sounds like a lovely way to get into the joys of the holidays..
God bless..

Kelly said...

Oh what fun. Kenli went to a very lovely tea party when we were living in Virginia Beach. She had such a good time :) So glad you and the girls got to enjoy it together !