Sunday, December 30, 2012

Making Advent Countdowns

 On Sunday night December 2, 
we made candy Advent countdowns.

We made these several times years ago, with our older children.
So, it was time to make them with the younger ones.

We used a variety of candies 3 favors of Hersey Kisses, peppermint disk, and Life Savers.


 To make these Advent countdowns it takes very few materials.
All you need is 
*Saran Wrap (plastic wrap) 
*Ribbon for ties 

You may also want to have lots of self control on hand so as to not eat to many candies while crafting ;) 

  With the littles it took many hands to help, good thing we have lots of hands.

Jonathan's selection of candies waiting assembly.

The older boys were on their own, as they didn't need help.

Mary Ann sitting, watching, and smiling!

 Place the candy in the middle of the Saran Wrap, fold the wrap around the candy, then tie the ribbon between each candy.
It's as easy as that!

Lots of sugar was taken in :)

Ruth Ella with Amanda her hands on helper

The finished 
Advent Candy Countdowns

 Wesley is our Sugar King, he was so excited about making this!

 The boys did a great job!

We added names at one end of the candies, then we hung them in the little boys room. Each night after dinner Elizabeth would supervise the boys and Ruth Ella in cutting their you know one might want to cut to many for a bit more candy ;)


Anonymous said...

Cute idea. Hope you all have a very happy New Year.


Anonymous said...

Nice pics. I have a question. Do you think the Duggars are Quiverfull?

The Munck Family said...


Thanks! As far as the Duggars go, I have no idea we don't follow the Duggars....we are just the Muncks.

Lynda said...

Great idea and fun while making them! I will save that idea for Benjamin. We had a calendar that had pockets for each day and we put the candy in those.

Cinnamon said...

Great idea. You are all so creative!

I've been thinking about your craft room and I'm wanting to make my own little nook for the girls and I. What fun we would have with all our "stuff" organized :-)

Love the advent with candy idea. Problem is I have NO self control:-/