Friday, December 28, 2012

Reflecting on Christmas

Today I have had a few quiet moments to reflect on our time leading up to the birthday celebration of Christ....The King of Kings!!! I was thinking of the decorations and the gatherings,  and how we celebrated truly the most wonderful gift ever given, Jesus. My heart sank, not because I felt we did something wrong. I was just sad to think that we didn't do enough to celebrate the One who came in human form to bear the burden of my sins...and yours. How could we ever celebrate enough... we can't. So, I sat giving thanks once again to my Lord and Saviour praising Him for His love, mercy, and grace.

I then began to pray about how we might add a few new ways to celebrate next Christmas. May we grow closer to the Lord each year and our celebration be sweeter to Him.


Teena said...

LLove to reflect and regroup. Thanks for sharing.


Cinnamon said...

I've been drinking tea all day. Maybe we were even having a cup at the same time ;-)

I hear you- reflecting. I do it every Christmas. Why don't I do it at Thanksgiving and implement changes then?

Opened up the beautiful magnets today and put them on my dry erase board and my refrigerator. They are so lovely. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Even though you had a lucky escape from the Maxwells you should stop making your children dress like them in those horrid long skirts. These is nothing in the bible that says woman should not wear pants etc

The Munck Family said...


Horrid skirts...your opinion. Isn't a blessing we can each have our own opinion. As far as the way we dress, well, that didn't come from the Maxwells. Since you don't know my family I'll give you a bit of history, my 2 great grandmothers neither one ever owned a pair of pants, my grandmother and mother have mainly worn skirts....My mother is a nurse and even wore skirts to work. This is where our skirt wearing came from. Now as far as the Bible saying anything about skirts...I don't believe "I nor my husband" have EVER verbally or written that the Bible says women are only to wear skirts. The Bible does speak of men and womens attire that neither are to wear that of the opposite sex. And if you go back in history you will find that women were the first to wear pants, not men. Now if we are to wear just skirts that would fall into the thing of making our own laws, as the bible doesn't speak of just wearing skirts...then that falls into legalism. Further more not that it is really any ones business we all, yes, all 6 Munck females "Do" own and wear pants just not often.

Thank you for your concern and stopping by our family blog. Have a blessed weekend.

Natasha Metzler said...

I enjoyed your Christmas posts. Especially love the Christmas candy countdown. So simple and cute.


Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog because the love in your family shines so very brightly - it shows in all of your faces in every post.

Happy New Year to the Muncks, and continued blessings and joy to your family - no matter what you are all wearing. ;-)