Monday, December 31, 2012

Sights & Treats

Here are a few sights and yummy treats over Christmas.

Chocolate Milk & Trail Mix

Christmas Tea


Ruth Ella &  Mary Ann both received one of these ornaments this year.

Happy Birthday Jesus Tree

We added these movies to our Christmas collection this year, the kids loved these.

 Looking back at these pictures makes me sad Christmas is over, Christmas such a wonderful time of the year.


The Mayo Family said...

I feel sure that the drive would be
so "sweet" and worth the with those sweet treats! Were sure, and we know that we would have more than enough 'energy' for the trip home! Ha!
Looks like a sweet and special time
for all~
Christmas Blessings~

Cinnamon said...

I think you all consume more sugar than we do :-)

I love how you have each spot set with something special such as a name card and a ribbon. Very sweet.


Lynda said...

Okay - - I don't need to be reading this right before bed because it is making me HUNGRY!!!
I like your card wreath.