Saturday, January 12, 2013

Our Theme Tree

Fruits of the Spirit
Several months ago I was ask about our theme tree, but hadn't gotten around to sharing about it. I was trying to figure out when we bought our first tree, I believe it was 7 years ago. We purchased our first tree from Hobby Lobby at Christmas time, at that time we had no intentions of keeping the tree out year round. When it came time to put up the tree that was placed in the corner of our kitchen, I just couldn't. I loved having the tree light up the dead unused space in the kitchen. So, we decided to incorporate it into our decor throughout the year. The tree is prelit but within a couple of years the lights went out, and we couldn't get them back working. Christmas was just weeks away and Arthur said I could purchase a new tree....this time I bought a tree a bit bigger than the first one. When I got home I couldn't part with the old tree, so we put a new strand of lights on it and decided to put the tree in our family room. So, we now decorate 2 trees that stay up year round, one is in our kitchen the other is in our family room.

Family Room Tree
We decorate the trees to go along with the school lesson, season, or the holiday
but we never decorate the trees in the same theme.
Of course the kitchen tree is the one that changes most often due to the fact it's our birthday tree.

July 4th

Our younger children enjoy seeing the tree change themes.
They absolutely love it when they help out with crafting new decorations for the tree.
The tree has become a family affair, 
some of our children have said when they have a family they too want a theme tree.

So, that's the story behind our theme tree in a nut shell.
Arthur and I agree we can't imagine not having a theme tree,
It's, well, kind of our signature thing...quirky as it may be?! 


Karen said...

I don't usually post here, but I just had to on this one! I love your theme tree idea and wish I would have started that when my kids were little (I just took my HUGE xmas tree down today, and boy, leaving it up all year round sounds like a better option!). I've enjoyed seeing some of your themes, too. It must be fun to collect ornaments and/or make them. You are so creative!

Nichole Contente said...

So funny that you posted this because I just bought a tree on clearance at rite aid for $6 and told my husband I wanted it to be a year round tree because I saw that you had one with your sons outdoor themed birthday. Such a great idea hope you don't ,ind us copying you

Abundantly Blessed said...

I love the idea of a theme tree!! Definitely would be something I would do if we had the space. Such a special way to celebrate birthdays and special times throughout the year.

Praying y'all are recovering well from the flu.


MollyT said...

I just love your tree(s)--hadn't realized you had two of them--and the way you create such wonderful memories for your children by celebrating more than just birthdays.

Anonymous said...

This is such a great idea. My kids love to do crafts and this is a great way to display them. Small drawings, those popsicle frames, etc. can all go on the tree. Thank you for this idea.

Mrs.T said...

What a fun idea! Especially when trees are available so inexpensively on clearance right now. We have a tree in our bedroom (bought on clearance last year) and are planning on leaving it up all winter. Now I just might have to make it a theme tree and leave it up year round!