Tuesday, February 26, 2013

An UPDATE on "Kepping it real"

Today we received an Anonymous comment on the previous post. The comment was one in which I felt needed to be addressed in a post, and not just leave a reply in the comments. In the past we have gotten some nasty comments, but the one today mad me sad. Here is the first part of the comment....
How are you "Keeping it Real" in these staged photos? 

I chose for several reasons not to post the entire comment. Staged, no, they weren't staged but we did get the camera when they were happening, or had the camera in hand for other reasons. Now I'll admit these pictures aren't like the worst of life happenings, they were only a tiny glimpse of who we are at moments.....they were to say we are real. The major real life moments would be like cleaning up vomit in the floor, having an ultrasound and seeing no heartbeat on the baby that you have been carrying, or like last night when our boys were wrestling in the floor and our son with Down Syndrome stood up and yell because his G-Tube (Gastrostomy Feeding Tube) just fell out...Now that is all real life but at those moments who really thinks of getting a camera, and who would want to see those real life images?

  I have added NEW captions in RED to tell the story behind the pictures!

The saying "Keeping it Real"
has been used a lot in the last few years.  I think there can be many interpretations of keeping it real. A dear friend of mine chatted with me many months ago about reading various blogs and how they often times didn't seem "real". Simply stated the blogs showed life perfect and not so real. She then spoke of the blogs that were a bit "to real" in airing dirty laundry of complaints and speaking harshly of family members.

This has been on my mind as I want people to stop by our blog and see us "keeping it real" We are a family who seeks to live like Christ, be encourager's, we love each other deeply, we seek to work as a team, we too have our ups and downs...we live in the world, and like the world we aren't perfect either. We have days and moments that aren't pretty and look like this..........

Feelings get hurt!

Ruth Ella was crying in this picture because her feeling were hurt. Elizabeth was baking and I was taking pictures so she could blog them. Ruth Ella climbed up in the chair and began to help, and Elizabeth told her "NO, not today".

Our house can be very loud and chaotic!

Rebekah was truly screaming. This was from her birthday, she had just opened a DVD she had been wanting for a very long time....so yes, camera was in hand!

Accidents happen, as do frustrations!

Ruth Ella and the car...this happened right after Christmas. Wesley was given a track and 2 battery cars from Christmas. He made a track and was playing, Ruth Ella came over with her night-night and laid down beside the track to watch, she got a bit to close! She wanted to show Daddy, but he wasn't home so I took a picture.

Meals aren't all sweets, there are nights of beans & rice :(

This pie was given to us at Christmas time, we had eaten so much at lunch that we decided to eat the pie for our supper.

We  Have Bad Hair Days!!!

Back in fall Mary Ann had bad hair after nap, who wouldn't want a picture?

Life isn't all sunshine, it can be rainy and dark!

Simple, these are Amanda's feet, she took some pictures a few weeks ago after a big rain.
Flowers aren't all roses!

These were flowers Wesley picked for me. He felt like they were roses and wanted me to take a picture of them. 

ODD we are, and way more often than normal!

OK, one is staged! This was at Elizabeth's birthday party last year....and they often like to act this way:)
There are times for NO play, and just work.
This was in January a night of work at the farm. Arthur and the kids went up to the farm to clean out the yellow house from all the work that had been done...as we are trying to restore the house. Amanda once again had camera in hand as we have been trying to document the progress on the yellow house.

Littles get sabotaged by Bigs to look goofy:)

This wasn't staged, but I did go and get the camera. In December we had many things shipped to us from Amazon, Ruth Ella had packaging peanuts stuck to her face. 
Madison was the first to put them on his face, followed by William, and then they did Ruth Ella...she didn't just look funny but cute! 

There you have it, the stories behind the pictures all taken at various times.
Thank you for all the kind words that were left on the original post,
as I believe most understood the heart of what I was sharing.


Life here at the Munck House is completely real! We have few dull moments.....unless we have a round of sickness. Our days can be smooth or hectic and there can be sibling quarrels. This is life in our home, living each day to it's fullest and working at our weaknesses and shortcomings...parents and children! We are thankful for the Lord's great grace, for we are saved yet, still sinners. 

  For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.     Ephesians 2:8-9


Anonymous said...

I understand how upsetting it can be when someone is mocking and writing nasty things. Don't ever feel the need to explain. The readers who appreciate your post never had the thoughts that these things were staged. And if so for one - one or two pictures always turn out that way with kids. They see cameras and the show starts.

Amy Joy said...

How sad that people's icky and hurtful comments (flung around anonymously, of course) made you feel that you needed to explain yourself here. I never thought any of the original photos looked staged. I cannot understand what drives people to be so hurtful and spread such negativity. I truly enjoy your blog, and I thank you for sharing of bit of yourself and your family here.

Sister's said...

Hi. I am Lori's sister. You have a wonderful family and a beautiful blog.
Anybody who would have to make such comments is obviously a very unhappy person.
I enjoy your pictures & messages. Please keep them coming just as they are.
Lisa (Meme)

Cinnamon said...

I agree with eecles31 you won't ever have to explain what the pictures mean. Your friends know, they live similar lives, *I* live a similar life and know that many different faces get captured throughout the day.

We love you just as you are!!

~hugs~ Cinnamon

p.s. I love Rebekah's enthusiasm upon opening her gift :-)

Nikki said...

Your blog is a blessing to me.

Blessings to you and your wonderful family!!

Delilah said...

I agree with the others, you shouldn't have to "explain" yourself!! I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your pictures, and I never even thought they were "staged"!!

Mendi... said...

There are so many times that I "second guess" myself when writing or composing a blog post. There's always that concern of "Will people agree/disagree?" "Will people be offended?" "Is this silly?" One day as some of these similar thoughts were racing through my mind the Lord ever so gently laid on my heart, "Mendi, it's YOUR blog under MY headship. You owe no one explanations & as long as I approve, that's ALL that matters." The temptation to question has risen again from time-to-time but He always reminds me that HE knows the truth & that's simply all that matters.

Although I don't comment often, I do love your blog. :) The dignity, efficiency & stability in which you raise such a large family is a beautiful reflection of Christ.

Many blessings to you~

Sally said...

You don't need to explain anything, but you were kind to do so, particularly in response to an unkind comment.

I loved your original post and the pictures, staged or not.


Jody said...

Oh Laura, I am sorry for the comments from others. I LOVE to see your lives lived through the camera, the serious, the sad, the comical, and the whatevers...we all have those moments. God gives us all kinds of memories which make up our wonderful families, and some simply do not think before commenting. So, be encouraged this day in the Lord as you live, struggle, and love.

"Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness..." Matthew 6:33a

"treat prople the same way you want them to treat you." Matthew 7:12

"Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us; And confirm for us the work of our hands; Yes, confirm the work of our hands." Psalm 90:17

Know you are loved and doing all that God desires of you. Keep the real coming, we love to see it!

Always Experiencing Him,

Deb said...

Laura, is the example of a major real life moment you gave about no heartbeat on the ultrasound a current example or from another pregnancy? I so pray that it's not with the life you're carrying now. Let us know how we can pray.

Lynda said...

We know you and love you. The cranky commenter obviously needs prayer!

Penn and Janet said...

I am sorry for the hurtful comments you have received. May God use you and your blog to show His love to others!

Momma Chilson said...

I am so sorry that some people can be so mean hearted. You have a wonderful family and having a large family myself I know all the "real" in the pictures! You are a blessing and I enjoy your blog!

The Munck Family said...

Thanks for the kind words and encouragement from everyone. I have allowed lots of comments to roll off my back but for some reason this one stuck a cord...maybe it's pregnancy hormones:)

Deb ask if the baby I was speaking of was the baby I'm carrying now, And NO it isn't, it was the baby I miscarried between Wesley and Ruth Ella. Praising the Lord this baby is doing well, and praying it remains that way.

Blessings in Him~

Mrs. Mari said...

I have read your blog for a few months now, but not commented before. I am so sorry someone felt the need to be so critical of you and your sharing of yor family life. How empty inside they must feel to find fault with another, and I will be adding them to my prayer book.

You are an amazingly interesting and fun family to follow and I, for one, can't wait to see what you are doing with your new farm.

Blessings, Mrs. Mari

Beth said...

If you didn't keep your camera handy - how would you capture anything - staged or not!!!! I am obsessive with pictures because time is ever so fleeting....You keep doing what your doing....

coyote-classroom said...

Why do people think they can be rude to other peoples' opinions and lives? Blogging is a fun way to share our lives with family and friends, and make new friends along the way! Life is a journey, and we shouldn't have to defend our journey to anyone except our wonderful Savior!

Keep up the good work! I lvoe your blog! You have a beautiful family!

Laura said...

I loved your post!! I'm so sorry you had such a negative comment. Your family is beautiful and is a wonderful example and inspiration to me and I'm sure countless others. By the way, Ruth Ella is incredibly cute when she's crying. :)

Theresa said...

I have to say that sometimes I have a really hard time leaving a comment because the letter and number combination is just blurry. After I type it several times, I give up. But just wanted to let you know that I am visiting more often than you think, dear friend. And the ones keeping it real know the truth that you are always real. I love you!

KittyDogSnifferWizardChick said...

I think your blog is cute and your children are adorable.