Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Built by: William

Imagination is a wonderful gift, it can take you places of long ago or light years into the future. 

Our boys are all about the frontier and cowboys.

Reading helps grow and expand the imagination, whether from Bible stories or fiction.

When given the right tools hands can go to work on creating that which was dreamed up in the imagination.

The imagination of a child is priceless, I never cease to be amazed at the things in which they come up with. Each day I hear stories or see creations from the imagination of my little people, often times I marvel at the depth of their thoughts. I love that I can homeschool my children and help feed into their imagination in a supportive and encouraging way with books, pictures, and videos.
With our adult children I continue to enjoy seeing their imagination take life into ways of making a living and running a home.

The imagination, truly a gift from the Lord!


Lynda said...

That truly is a work of art. It took some time to create, too. William was very detailed oriented in all aspects of it.
Throughout the years, we have tried to have "tools" available for our girls to make creations - - - whether it was cameras, tape players, or crafts & Legos or paints. It makes a difference and helps them find the unique gift God has given to them.

Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

That's awesome. Great jpb. That could only happen during naptime over here though. Too many little "helpful" hands. : )