Sunday, February 24, 2013

Keeping it Real....

Feelings get hurt!

The saying "Keeping it Real"
has been used a lot in the last few years.  I think there can be many interpretations of keeping it real. A dear friend of mine chatted with me many months ago about reading various blogs and how they often times didn't seem "real". Simply stated the blogs showed life perfect and not so real. She then spoke of the blogs that were a bit "to real" in airing dirty laundry of complaints and speaking harshly of family members.

This has been on my mind as I want people to stop by our blog and see us "keeping it real" We are a family who seeks to live like Christ, be encourager's, we love each other deeply, we seek to work as a team, we too have our ups and downs...we live in the world, and like the world we aren't perfect either. We have days and moments that aren't pretty and look 
like this..........

Our house can be very loud and chaotic!

Accidents happen, as do frustrations!

Meals aren't all sweets, there are nights of beans & rice :(

We  Have Bad Hair Days!!!

Life isn't all sunshine, it can be rainy and dark!
Flowers aren't all roses!

ODD we are, and way more often than normal!
There are times for NO play, and just work.

Littles get sabotaged by Bigs to look goofy:)

Life here at the Munck House is completely real! We have few dull moments.....unless we have a round of sickness. Our days can be smooth or hectic and there can be sibling quarrels. This is life in our home, living each day to it's fullest and working at our weaknesses and shortcomings...parents and children! We are thankful for the Lord's great grace, for we are saved yet, still sinners. 

  For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.     Ephesians 2:8-9


Kelly said...

haha... This is great... I love you people :)

The Mayo Family said...

Smile...Thank you Laura
I know there are many who will be grateful for "real".
We really all are people that make choices, who do we live for?
Ourselves or CHRIST & that yes,
my friend is what the real is!

1HappyWife said...

Sounds just like our home :)!
Love all your posts :)!!!

Jody said...

It's good to be real, real problems, real life, the good and the bad, yes, life goes on, and we only have to keep trusting God to take us through all the real, and the all-too-funny-chaotic-comical life moments our family enjoys are the memories of our life. What joys! We live just like you do...imagine that. Families are never really that different. It's good to see the REAL you...just like us. Love to keep checking in.
Always Experiencing Him,

Anonymous said...

Behind every blog are real people, and I hope most realize that. One of my concerns is for folks that spend their days in blog world or on FACE BOOK and avoid the people all around them. I see it happening way too much, and I sometimes grow concerned that we are fast becoming a nation of people who don't know how to interact with one another face to face.
Thanks for sharing that there are normal everyday people behind every blog just getting on with life.


Abundantly Blessed said...

Thankful to you for sharing that your family isn't perfect - just like mine. :) Sometimes, we need to see that because it is too easy to see families that appear to "have it all together all the time" and get discouraged when we see our SO "not together all the time" family. :)

Continuing to keep your family in prayer.


Cinnamon said...

Okay I knew you were wonderful and now I know you're normal :-) Loved the peek into your family. Loved it!! Every picture had me giggling.


Lisa said...

LOL & love it!

Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

Oh my. That last picture of Ruth Ella looks EXACTLY like Elizabeth to me! Thanks for a look in your home. It's been a while since I've done a "real" life post. Here's 2 older ones.

Lynda said...

In spite of it all, your family still has the sweetest, most polite children/young adults of anyone I have ever known. Praise God you seek to glorify HIM in all aspects of your life. You are some of my heroes.

Deb said...

Love this post! Thanks for sharing all the real life scenes in your home. Looks like a fun place to me! :)

Nikki R said...

We are always blessed when we visit your blog. Enjoyed all your pictures.

Matthew said...

Miss Laura,

I wanted to thank you for you kind words on our blog! It is an encouragement for us know that we are in your thoughts and prayers. It is truly a gift from God to be able to share in fellowship through praying for each other!

We always enjoy getting another glimpse into your family and appreciate the honesty and realism which you put in your posts.

Celebrating God's matchless grace,