Monday, February 18, 2013

Rebekah & Madison's Birthday ~Part 1


 Rebekah 18 & Madison 16
Born: February 11 & February 13

 Once again Rebekah and Madison decided to have their birthdays together, like they did when they were younger. It's always fun to celebrate their big days together since we all tend to think of them as a pair. They have a 2 year and 2 day age gap between them, but one would never know as they are best of friends and always have been.....we refer to them as our twins. Rebekah and Madison have a bond/friendship that is so special to see, they share their hearts with one another, dreams, give one another support, and have an unconditional love for one another....they don't even have to speak yet know what the other is thinking:)

Monday was Rebekah's "real" birthday, and Madison's day to celebrate early. They thought we were cooking 2 birthday meals this year for them, we tricked them and changed things up a bit this year. When they arrived home from the shop we told them change clothes because we had 6:00PM reservations for one of their favorite places, Olive Garden! They were surprised and excited...this was just what we wanted :)
~cell phone pic~

After dinner we came back home and gave each one of them a present, 
they were going to have to wait for their other presents on Madison's birthday.

We finished off the evening with a homemade Oreo ice cream cake, 
this was a great start to celebrating Rebekah and Madison.

All the days of the afflicted are evil,
But he who is of a merry heart has a continual feast.
Proverbs 15:15


6432 Days Old said...

Love reading your blog, and totally blown away by your celebrations! They are fabulous! Please would you post the recipe for your Oreo ice cream cake, my little sister would love it for her birthday :)

Your blog always makes me hungry...but is very encouraging nonetheless! Keeping you in my prayers x

Margaret said...

I love reading about all your family birthday and holiday celebrations. I think it's delightful that you all celebrate birthdays in such a big way for all of your children.