Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rebekah & Madison's Birthday~Part 2

On the night of February 13, we had our "real" celebration of Madison and Rebekah. We came up with a simple theme that would be gender neutral, but hit both of their personalities....Pinwheels we also incorporated in several shades of blue :)

Neither Rebekah or Madison are flashy and like things low key......yet, they are both talkers and have lots of wind to make a pinwheel turn ;)

 On the Menu:
*Sub Sandwiches
*Veggie Platter
*B.B.Q. Chips

*Sprite....this is a treat as we don't normally buy Cokes 
~Soda/Pop for those of you who don't live in the south ;) ~

I say this often, but can't seem to help myself....
How did they get to be so grown up so fast, truly I blinked and they were grown!

*Star Shaped Sugar Cookies
*Cream Cheese Icing
*Dove Meltaway White Chocolates
*York Peppermint Patty Pieces
*Hershey Cookies & Cream Kisses

We all iced our own cookies, and snacked on candy too.
 It was another sugar filled evening of fun!

What a treat it is for us to be able to celebrate Rebekah and Madison together.

This is the official present chair. Before we do presents we have a time that we share something about the birthday person that we admire, appreciate, or love. This is always a special time and normally their aren't to many dry eyes at the end.

Happy Birthday
Rebekah & Madison

You are both greatly loved and such a blessing to each on of us!


~The Keller Girls~ said...

Happy Birthday, Rebekah and Madison!
(A few days late)

Lynda said...

Of course I like seeing the decorations and reading the menu but LOVE hearing how you tell them what is special about them!!!!! That is too wonderful.

Rebekah W said...

Your alls parties are so sweet and nice looking! I love how you make it special for the birthday person by decorating what fits for them. This past year I tried doing that with my kids on their bday .They loved it as much as mommy loved planning it!Your alls post has inspired me in more than one way and I truly appreciate that! HAPPY BIRTHDAY REBEKAH AND MADISON!MAY GOD BLESS YOUR LIVES!

Cinnamon said...

Both talkers? No wonder our kiddos get along so well :-) And their Mama's are both writers ;-)

Happy Birthday you two. I love that you celebrated together. Extra fun!!


Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

Oh I love the colors. Happy belated birthdays!

Be Thou My Vision said...

Happy Birthday, Bekah and Madison!! :) I hope your days were extra special. :)


Delilah said...

It looks like they had a wonderful birthday:) I love the reference to "cokes", it is so funny here in the south that everything is referred to as coke no matter what it is, lol!!!

Nikki said...

I LOVED seeing your birthday party pictures. In April we celebrate Lydia and Silas's birthdays. They are two years and three days a part. It sure makes it special.:) Thanks for sharing all your sweet birthday parties with us all. You do an amazing job!
As I type I am enjoying a cup of tea from you! Thank you!