Wednesday, March 27, 2013

This, That, & 1,000....

poison ivy in summer
Poison Ivy

I feel I need to recant my statement as I spoke to soon, I posted that the poison ivy at the farm wasn't up and attacking, yet! Well, it had already attacked the rash just hadn't appeared, but it has now..... it's a nasty attack! The first victim of 2013 is Madison, he is the first every year! He was even being careful, wearing long sleeves and gloves, what he didn't know was it must have been on his gloves....and he scratched his face!!! Yep, Madison's face is covered, OUCH!!!! He is tough, no complaints.

If you were to drive through our town right now you would
see streets lined with beautiful Bradford Pear Trees in full
bloom. The white blooms scream welcome spring and
good bye to winters naked branches. Ruth Ella has been very 
enamored with the beauty of the trees clothed in their full blooms.
Last week Ruth Ella went shopping with her sisters, she talked
continually about the Bradford Pear trees. Ruth Ella didn't know
the name of the trees, but in her little mind she thought she did....
she has proclaimed them "Wedding Trees"! From here
on out the Bradford Pear tree will now be "Wedding Trees".
The house across the street from us has 14 Wedding Trees, 
each morning Ruth Ella looks out the window to make sure they
are still there :) The life and mind of a child, so very sweet!
With all the wedding talk, flowers, and such going on in the
house Ruth Ella's head is in wedding mode :)   

We hit 1,000 post!!!!!
OK, well truth be known this post is the 1010 post! I some how got a bit to busy to keep an eye on the number, I knew it was coming but missed it.  Anyway, I wanted to have a giveaway when we hit 1,000 post, so a giveaway is coming. I have some thoughts about what I'd like to give, and it's going to take me a little time to get it together....The giveaway will start on April 15!!!
Thank you for coming to visit our blog for the last 1,000 post.....
Now on to many more post of pictures, thoughts, birthdays, stories, and our simple life :)

Monday, March 25, 2013

20 Weeks---The Halfway Point!

Baby Munck  18 wks
Precious Foot

 Friday I hit the 20 week mark in my pregnancy!
Baby 'M' and I are doing well, and we are both growing...
me more than Baby 'M'.
We had a routine ultrasound at 18 weeks,
Baby 'M' was kicking up a storm and giving a show.
The ultrasonographer ask us if we would like to know if
Baby 'M' was a boy or girl...
We quickly declined, as we love the surprise in the end after all the hard work :)
During part of the ultrasound the screen was turned so we couldn't watch,
due to the fact Baby 'M' was so active, and well, gender may have been in view ;)
We didn't mind not watching,
because as I have stated before we feel an ultrasound is for checking the health of baby...
finding out the babies gender is just an added perk.
We first learned of Jonathan having Down Syndrome from an ultrasound,
which was later confirmed by an amnio.
What a wonderful thing technology is in cases like Jonathan's.
Thankfully Baby 'M' looked wonderfully healthy, we are praising the Lord!
Now just 20 more weeks to go, give or take?!?
I'll try to post pictures every now and then of Baby 'M' and I,
though I make no promises as I'm not fond of my picture being made.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Adding a new family member...

February 2013       
On May 15, 2013

We will be welcoming into our family Joe....
as Amanda's husband!

We have known Joe and his family for 3 years, he and Amanda began courting in 2012.
Joe asked Amanda to marry him 
December 19, 2012!

They are making lots of plans for their future,
 it's exciting to see the love they have for one another. What a blessing it will be to have 
Joe in our family.  



Saturday, March 23, 2013

Randomness of Life

Mary Ann 22mo. old, our little clown!
Now March........
And it's almost gone!!!!!

We have been busy since the new year began, you know the everyday life kind of busy. Thankfully not so busy that we haven't had time to make some memories and have some fun. I have taken lots of pictures since January and have "much" from the heart to share, I just need to set aside a bit of time to post the pictures, happenings, and thoughts. I have worked today on getting pictures uploaded to the blog for several post. Now that the pictures are loaded I can come back and put words to the in the next few days :)

We were thrilled to welcome in Spring this week, and we are enjoying the longer days. We have had a few days of warm weather, but most of the days have continued to be cold/cool, windy, and damp. It hasn't held back the flowers from breaking through and making their appearance, nor has it hindered the pear trees from bursting forth in full white blooms. The new season is springing forth all around us, this time of year gets me inspired and motivated....and thinking about gardening!

With the new of spring brings on a different type of eating. Winter months we eat heavier foods, you know, comfort foods :) This year we became ready for spring/summer meals before spring even came. The girls have been trying out new recipes, to bring some zest back into our dinner menu. On a few nights we have eaten breakfast for our house breakfast is always big hit for dinner with the boys, and it's a great standby. I'm so looking forward to spring/summer veggies and lots of fresh raw eating...Yum!

We Munck Ladies have had various projects going on. None of us are working on the same project, as we all have different interests and talents. It's always neat to see what direction their interest take them.

We had 2 birthdays this month Elizabeth and Wesley....I absolutely love putting together birthday parties for my children. I have pictures from Wesley's birthday and more from Elizabeth's birthday loaded and waiting on me, those post are coming soon :)

Work at the farm is coming along nicely. We have liked the winter months for working on privet, brush, and woodsy growth because the poison ivy isn't out and threatening to take hold of the Munck workers as it's victim. With warmer days coming we know it's just a matter of time before the poison ivy will claim it's first patch of skin for the season :(



On the farm we are restoring the yellow house and have exciting plans for the house. Arthur has gotten much accomplished since January. He has a great team with many willing and able hands. Being pregnant I haven't been one of those hands, so, I try to encourage from the sidelines. Arthur and Elizabeth are both visionaries who act on their vision and work well together. They have come up with some fantastic plans, that I now see unfolding. Each time I walk in the house I'm amazed at how far it's come in such a short period of time. There are so many pictures and stories I could share about the farm, it could have it's own blog...who has time for that, not me! One day I'll have to get busy on writing some post about the farm.

Life is happening, days are passing, and we are seeking to make the most of our time :)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy World Down Syndrome Day

It's a day to recognize those with Down Syndrome,
for their abilities and gifts...
making them just like you and me ;)

World Down Syndrome Day 2013

Featured ImageWorld Down Syndrome Day is on 3/21 to symbolize a third copy of the 21st chromosome in people with Down syndrome. Celebrate the value, acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome on March 21!

Our family joins others around the world in celebrating those with Down Syndrome.
Our life has never been the same since we found out that Jonathan would be born with an extra 
chromosome. Through Jonathan we have learned what true determination is, we have seen life and the world in a whole new way. We are thankful for looking at life at a slower pace, when things were challenging and health is poor. We try to make each day count for life with
 Jonathan has been fragile at times.
Jonathan is an awesome source of encouragement and lives out true joy! 
If, you were around Jonathan for a few moments you would quickly see a teen boy...
who can't be defined by Down Syndrome. 
We love you Jonathan,
Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

~Jonathan the serious side~
~Jonathan the goofy side~


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Google Reader is going....

I was a bit taken back when I logged into my Google Reader and a window popped up stating come July 1, 2013 Reader would be gone! What gone, what's a person to do...that was my first thought as I enjoy the ease of using Google Reader. I set out to do some research to find a new reader, one that I could use with the same ease, and would gather the information from my existing Google Reader. After lots of reading and site visiting I found one that I believe will suit my needs, it is Feedly.

It looks like this....
feedly apps
Feedly can also be used on the iPhone and Androids, just as easily as your computer.
In the past 48 hours over 500,000 Google Readers have join Feedly!

The switch over took only a few minutes and I was up and running, all my feeds were loaded and ready for me to read. Now I'm not big on change, so Feedly will take a bit of time for me to get use to. The great thing is I have several months before Google Reader is gone, this gives me time to play around getting use to Feedly and it's format while I customize it to feel like home.  Hope this helps some of you who like me, were going to be disappointed to see Goggle Reader go.

Happy Reading~Laura


Welcome Spring!

Spring is here, and with it brings new life, hopes, and dreams!
Spring a is a time of renewal and newness, it's a time to reflect upon the grace we have been given in Christ. It's a time of celebration and thanksgiving, for the Lord is good!
Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good;
Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!
Psalm 34:8

Monday, March 18, 2013

Simple times...

The week passed quickly with much accomplished and simple times enjoyed. Over the weekend we had temperatures reach into the upper 60's lower 70's, it most definitely gave us a taste of spring. On Saturday we had a delightful visit from our friends the Burke family from South Carolina. Yesterday after church we spent the day out at the farm where I watched my older children interact laughing, telling jokes, and sharing their thoughts, all the while my littles where running, jumping, and yelling with wind whipping through their hair....not a care in the world! The simplicity of the day made my Mama heart swell with gratitude for I'm unworthy of these children and the overwhelming joy they bring me. As I have shared the seasons of change are upon us, we have adult children down to a wee babe growing in the womb....I am seeking to slow down and soak in this season, for it too shall pass quickly.

Praise be to the Lord for each season Arthur and I have experienced over the past 22 years....good and bad! Each bad season brought us a lesson from the Lord, which strengthened our faith, love for the Lord, and love for one another. Good times were to follow..... without the times in the valley we could never be thankful for the mountain top!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Making a snack....

TRAIL MIX  has become a snack that all of our children enjoy. Years ago we bought trail mix in a bag already made. Over time we discovered that we could save lots of money by making the mix ourselves...not to mention we could make more mix and put whatever we wanted into it :)

Making trail mix is always a joint venture, 
as many little hands want to help....
Pour, Stir, Scoop, and Tasty Test!

The finished product with smiles :)
I'm thrilled we don't have any children with nut allergies, and happy they all like nuts as they are such a healthy snack.

When making trail mix it could be made a million different ways, there are so many things that can be put into trail mix. I don't believe we have ever made the same trail mix twice, at times I purchase special treats to go into the mix and other times I open the cabinets and look to see what we have on hand to make a new mix.

 I like to make the base of our trail mix with these nuts...

In the base mix I add a few other nuts, what ever is on hand...
*Roasted Peanuts
*Hazel Nuts
*Brazil  Nuts

Next we add extras, sometimes sweets, other times not...
*Sunflower seeds
*Pumpkins Seeds
*Dark Chocolate Morsels
*Banana Chips
*Dry Cereal 
*Cheese Crackers 

Trail mix is a staple in our home, it's a fast snack and easy to take on the go.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Elizabeth's Birthday: Part 1

Friday, March 1st, we celebrated Elizabeth's 21 birthday!!!!

We didn't have a 'real' theme, because at 21 Elizabeth doesn't see the need for a theme. In my mind there was still a theme, and it was 'simple beauty'....for this is how I see Elizabeth. I wanted the party to reflect what we see in her, pure simple beauty from the inside out.

*Strawberry Cake with Strawberry Icing,
*Thumb Print Cookies
* Strawberries drizzled in White Chocolate,
*Raspberry M&M's
* Dark Chocolate Raisinets  

On the Menu:

*Grilled Hamburgers
   ~with all the fixin's
*Potato Salad
*Pasta Salad
*Baked Beans
*Zesty Garlic Dill Spears

We had a couple of Elizabeth's gifts on the dinning table as decorations 
and a few on the sofa table with her flowers.

21 years!!!!!
Elizabeth what joy you have brought your Daddy and I over the past 21 years,
 and what a blessing you are to each of your siblings. 
We love you dearly!!!!!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

6 TODAY!!!!!


Wannabe "Roy Rogers"
Easy going

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.     Proverbs 3:5-6


Well, it's been days and no computer time so no blogging! The reason is simple, LIFE :) Life happens and one must keep up with it, or be left behind wondering where is everyone? So, as of late I have been trying to keep up with life happenings, as the seasons of change are definitely in the air. While keeping up I've been soaking in my family and savoring the season in which we are in. I have loads to blog about and share if I can just manage to sit a spell to type it out......soon, yes, soon I believe I'll have a bit of sit down time :)  I hope each of you have had a great week thus far.

Friday, March 1, 2013

21 Today!!!!



Let all those who seek You rejoice and be glad in You; And let those who love Your salvation say continually, “Let God be magnified!”        Psalm 70:4