Monday, March 11, 2013

Elizabeth's Birthday: Part 1

Friday, March 1st, we celebrated Elizabeth's 21 birthday!!!!

We didn't have a 'real' theme, because at 21 Elizabeth doesn't see the need for a theme. In my mind there was still a theme, and it was 'simple beauty'....for this is how I see Elizabeth. I wanted the party to reflect what we see in her, pure simple beauty from the inside out.

*Strawberry Cake with Strawberry Icing,
*Thumb Print Cookies
* Strawberries drizzled in White Chocolate,
*Raspberry M&M's
* Dark Chocolate Raisinets  

On the Menu:

*Grilled Hamburgers
   ~with all the fixin's
*Potato Salad
*Pasta Salad
*Baked Beans
*Zesty Garlic Dill Spears

We had a couple of Elizabeth's gifts on the dinning table as decorations 
and a few on the sofa table with her flowers.

21 years!!!!!
Elizabeth what joy you have brought your Daddy and I over the past 21 years,
 and what a blessing you are to each of your siblings. 
We love you dearly!!!!!!


Jennifer Where the Green Grass Grows said...

Glad she had a Happy Birthday:) Everything looked so beautiful and the food looked really good!!

Faye Henry said...


Jody said...

Glad you had a wonderful birthday Elizabeth!
Always Experiencing Him,

The Mayo Family said...

Yes, beautiful young lady & lovely party! We sure would of enjoyed that menu...YUM!
truly a simple& yet elegant setting & party for a young lady who radiates the beauty of "CHRIST"!

The Pauls' Family said...

So true, beautiful inside and out! Happy belated birthday Liz! Hugs to you all :)

Amy said...

"Simple Beauty" is a perfect description for this post! Happy Birthday, Elizabeth.

Btw, I've tried to message you but haven't heard from you. Are you having technical difficulties again?

Laura said...

Beautiful! Happy Belated Birthday to Elizabeth!

Kay said...

You have sooo much of good birthday party ideas:)
Keep up the good work!