Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Making a snack....

TRAIL MIX  has become a snack that all of our children enjoy. Years ago we bought trail mix in a bag already made. Over time we discovered that we could save lots of money by making the mix ourselves...not to mention we could make more mix and put whatever we wanted into it :)

Making trail mix is always a joint venture, 
as many little hands want to help....
Pour, Stir, Scoop, and Tasty Test!

The finished product with smiles :)
I'm thrilled we don't have any children with nut allergies, and happy they all like nuts as they are such a healthy snack.

When making trail mix it could be made a million different ways, there are so many things that can be put into trail mix. I don't believe we have ever made the same trail mix twice, at times I purchase special treats to go into the mix and other times I open the cabinets and look to see what we have on hand to make a new mix.

 I like to make the base of our trail mix with these nuts...

In the base mix I add a few other nuts, what ever is on hand...
*Roasted Peanuts
*Hazel Nuts
*Brazil  Nuts

Next we add extras, sometimes sweets, other times not...
*Sunflower seeds
*Pumpkins Seeds
*Dark Chocolate Morsels
*Banana Chips
*Dry Cereal 
*Cheese Crackers 

Trail mix is a staple in our home, it's a fast snack and easy to take on the go.


The Pauls' Family said...

Yum Yum :)

1HappyWife said...

My favorite kind of post :) lots of happy helpers working together! We love trail mix too! Thanks for your list of ideas, I think we will be trying some of those soon. Our last trip to TN was so hasty that we did not make any to take along ... we bought some already made ones and it was nice to know many missed our homemade one ... I think it was the missing peanut butter chips... YUMMY!!! Praying for you and littlest Munck :)!!!

Mrs. Josh said...

We have not made a trail mix in a LONG time. :) I am thankful for all your neat ideas. We will be making this for sure after our next trip to Sam's Club!! We do have peanut allergies so we have to be picky about nuts but you gave lots of great ideas. Thank you.
I LOVED Ruth Ella's "pink baby" comment. Makes me smile each time I think of it.
All your kids are cute but your littlest girls are really adorable. You dress them so beautifully too. :)

Theresa said...

It taste good and it is healthy. Two great things!

Lynda said...

Trail Mix can definitely be customized for each family. Sweet and salty together are delicious - - and the sweet doesn't have to be candy. I like seeing pictures of "fun with food".